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It goes both ways
“Trick or treat, Trick or treat, Give me something good to eat,”
Giggles, laments, and howls rang from under mask and sheet,
An All Hallows' Eve army of little ghosts and ghouls,
And teenagers once thought sane were breaking all the rules,
A house on Shadeland Avenue where lived such a pair,
One manned the door, his brother covered with hair,
Dressed to frighten little children, who would run into the night,
The teens would howl with laughter at such a crazy sight,
One after another the brave kids would come and knock,
One brother would sweetly greet, the other would scream and mock,
Until a knock was answered when all sang “Trick or treat!”
The hairy one jumped and yelled and they all ran down the street,
Except one, that is to say, a ghost with the slightest glow,
Scream and jump as they might the little one wouldn’t go,
“Trick or treat,” said the brave and determined little ghost,
“Get lost shrimp or we‘ll take you down,“ both teens loudly boast,
He stood his ground “Trick or treat,” the pale ghost repeated,
They punched the air without care then to their home retreated,
They slammed the door, walked away, then heard “Trick or treat,”
They quickly turned and saw the little ghost stood at their feet,
“What the Hell!” exclaimed the pair, looking at each other,
Each saw fear appear in the wide eyes of their brother,
They kicked at the kid who, like fog, rose to the stairs,
They realized they'd lost control of all they once thought theirs,
They ran screaming out the door and vanished into the moonlight,
Never were they seen again in either night or daylight,
And the little ghost? Don't worry, he’s doing very well,
He has two new souls for company at his domicile in hell.

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