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When on the plains of Aroth / they fought around us,/ we stood as stone
We stood as stone

When on the plains of Aroth
they fought around us,
we stood as stone,
peered down to where
green ichor flowed
from godless ranks.
We moaned:
so silly to seek to rule
these graveyards.
We stood still
until the soil reclaimed them.
old stones move slow.
We roamed among their rubble then,
their crumbling cities,
bold towers proclaiming fame.
I no longer remember their name.
Do you dear friend?
We were the only witnesses
to the end of all they claimed.
I knew then we'd always be together; that,
that pain and loneliness we shared
would last eternities.
Oh, Zmitri,
remember how we stood as stone,
until we too became as stardust
scattered among their bones.

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