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A part of a story where the main character wakes in a hospital.
I felt the pain radiate through my body, I feel a heaviness that wasn’t there before, I feel this strangeness around me. Where could I be?
         The last thing I remember is talking to some of guys when I felt this pain in my head and all I remember is everything going black. Why was I talking to them? Who are they?
         The pain in my head is preventing me from opening my eyes. The tightness in my chest is getting worse every time I think about it. I have to figure out where I am without my eyes.
         My head hurts so bad it is had to think about what I should be doing.
         I should listen, since I know how I feel, I need to figure out what is beyond me. I have to concentrate hard to listen to even the slightest sound. First I hear feet shuffling on the floors, they squeak, so it must be some kind of tile. Next I hear breathing, about five different tones in breath. I then hear a beeping sound, the sound you hear in the hospital, a heart monitor. Lastly I hear a voice that goes with one of the breaths I heard at first.
         I hear some one say, “Please just open your eyes. Please, Please. Just open your eyes.” The voice sounds desperate.
         I want to, I really do, but the pain is so intense that I just cannot bring myself to open them.
         I wish I recognized the voice. It sounds so familiar that the pain I my head gets worse trying to figure out who this person is.
I must have made a sound, because I felt the speakers hand gently rub my hand and back soothingly saying, “It’s ok, it’s going to be ok. I’m here. Everything is going to be ok.”
The voice is so comforting and familiar that no matter the pain in my head I cannot keep my eyes closed any longer.
I open my eyes very slowly, trying to lessen the pain. When I finally have them open enough to see, I am looking right into emerald green eyes. Looking into eyes I remember, not just a little, but everything.
I close my eyes quickly, press my hands over my ears, and I can feel tears pouring from my eyes. The pain is intense. I am remembering who I am, and that is worth it. I feel his strong hands on me again, trying to make it all better, telling me I am not alone, that he is there for me.
I hear him yell at a doctor or nurse I am not too sure which one to not put something into my line. I can hear arguing and then his hands release me to gently take the line from my vein. I thought I would feel that a whole lot more than I did, but the pain in my head is drowning out all other sensations right now.
Once the pain starts to subside and I remember who I am and what happened, I can feel my body start to relax and I can hear his voice talking to me in his soothing voice, he has never needed on me before. I can feel that he is now the only other person in the room and something about that makes me feel even better. I don’t know if it was hours or even days I have been like this, I do know that I am feeling better and he is the only person that can help me.
I open my eyes to see emerald green again. I feel my body relax, and a lot of emotion I haven’t felt for years come rushing back at me. I feel the tears I cannot stop start to pour down my face again. I feel him with the emerald green eyes gently move me over in the bed and wrap his strong arms around me.
Everything is better now. I know who I am, I know I am in a hospital, and I know I am wrapped in the arms of the person I love. What happened to get me here is unimportant, yet I do know what happened. I am alive and I finally feel safe.
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