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Flat vs Round Earth theory
Many say the world is round

And most folks would agree

From space and all perspectives

That’s how it seems to be

And in this simple theorem

Most say no flaws are found

But there are those who argue it

Within humanity’s bounds

As thinking should be free they say

Their theory states to all

That the earth’s a flattened pancake

With no resemblance to a ball

And though I’m open minded

I can’t embrace this theory

I look at it askance

And I find I am quite leery

For if world is flat

Where is the bloody edge?

And why do we not fall right off?

On round, my bets I’ll hedge

This argument I'll offer

Flat Earth Society

In form of a most easy

Proving opportunity

I'll wager all my monies

To those who claim earth’s flat

Take me to the very edge

And show me where it’s at.
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