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Chapter one of Blood Me, fantasy, love, YA, and a girl who won't go down without a fight.


Kym Ly

Chapter One

“How the hell did we end up here?”  I mumbled angrily
to myself. I got up and moved to sit in another spot on the filthy
concrete floor. I had already been sitting in that spot for at least
twenty minutes.

  The room was dark, although it was still daylight on the
outside; the small slit window high up on the back wall. Only let in
just enough light to see ones way around in the small cramped room.
Which we were now captured in.

  The room was far from pleasant. So it wasn’t like I was
all that disappointed in not being able to see very well. I think it
was more fortunate that we couldn’t see at all really. I
crossed my legs as I sat down with a plop, and did the same with my
arms. Letting my head hang I just stared at the ground in front of
me, and mumbled hateful words to myself. 

About another twenty minutes later. But of course I was just
guessing, I didn’t really know how much time had passed. I no
longer had my watch on me. The ugly guards outside had taken it off
me, along with all my other belongings, including my hand gun. A
thought came to my head. If I still had my gun I could just shoot
myself in the head, to help with my complete and utter boredom. I
shook my head at the thought. No. I wouldn’t let myself die in
such trivial way. I sighed inwards and looked up. If only they had
not been there, things might had turned out different and we wouldn’t
all be locked up in here.

  I was staring at the two bodies that were curled up next to
each other, on the other side of the room. Both my friends. Well, one
my friend, the other his girlfriend. My friend, the boy, looked my
way and our eyes locked onto one another. All I could do was just
stare at him, at them both. After a second he gave me the look of
‘I’m sorry we ended up here’, I shrugged my
shoulders back at him in a ‘what can I say, it happened’
way. He gave me a little smile, almost like he was amused by my
reaction. I love that smile of his, I wish he did it more to me. He
let his head fall back onto the girl sitting next to him, closing his
eyes, and I looked away.

  Yes. It must have been at least another twenty minutes, because
my back-side was starting to hurt again. I needed to move.

The noise of rattling keys woke me up. I started to move,
stretching out my body, but I was hurting everywhere. Lying on the
hard concrete floor was a bad idea, but of course I don’t even
remember falling asleep. Ugh… I was letting out pained noises
as I sat up, rubbing at my shoulder, the one I was lying on.

  I rubbed at my eyes with the back of my hands, knowing that my
palms must be dirty. The room was still dark, maybe even darker this
time. I looked up at the window. There was no longer any light coming
through, night must have fallen. I finally sat up. I let my legs
stretch out in front of me, getting the blood to flow again. I leaned
back onto the wall letting my head rest on it. It was so hard.
Everything in this room was so hard. All concrete, four walls, the
floor, and the roof. The only thing that wasn’t, was the thick
heavy metal door, that for some reason looked as though it was
opening. I blinked and looked again. It was opening.

  I shot straight up onto two feet, looking around to see where
the others were. I saw a heap of black and ran to it, quietly. I was
right about the door being heavy, whoever was opening it was having
trouble. I kneeled down to the black heap and shoved on a body part.
It was too dark, so I didn’t know who’s or what body part
I was shoving.

“Seth, Seth,” I whispered calling out my friends name,
and still shoving at the same time. I heard his voice moan in
response. “Seth get up quick, someone’s coming.”
And before I could say another word he was up.

I moved to his side, but not close enough that we were touching,
and we both sat with our back to the wall. Ann, Seth’s
girlfriend was still asleep, her head in his lap; I don’t think
he was going to wake her. She might get all worked up, and he didn’t
want her to be if she didn’t need to be.

  We were seated in the far corner of the room, the door in front
of us. The light behind the door spilling into our hard prison room
as it inched open. I had my knees tucked up in front of me, both arms
resting on top of them; Seth had his legs out in front of him, only
because Ann’s head was lying on them. He had one arm
protectively over her shoulder, but I didn’t let that bother me
too much right now. I was too focused on who was behind the door. Was
I going to need to fight or not? I hoped not. I can look after myself
and so can Seth, kind of, but not with Ann here. Seth would do
anything to protect her and I would do anything to protect him. I was
starting to grind my teeth together, trying to think of a plan, when…

“Get in there you blood garbage!” A man’s voice
blurted out and a body was pushed into the room, when the door had
open wide enough.

The body landed hard onto the ground, and I almost felt sorry for
them. I could still feel the pain running up my arm from where I had
landed on it, when they had thrown us in here as well. And I mean
thrown, just like they had just done with this person. But something
was different, this person didn’t yell or fight back like I had
done. But instead, just lied motionless. That’s when I
realised. This person had had the living daylight beaten out of them.

  The man that belonged to the voice
before, walked in through the door spitting on the ground as he did.
I recognized the uniform he was wearing, it was a guard, but not one
of the ones I had the pleasure of meeting before. The light that was
coming for outside the door, let me see that there was blood mixed in
with the man’s spit as it landed on the ground next to his

“Disgusting monster,” The guard said, and before I
knew it the guard had lifted his leg and kicked the fallen body hard
in the gut. A deep pained moan came out of the fallen body. It was a
man. I must have had been too distracted before to have realised
this. “You piece of waist of flesh; that was for the face.”
The guard spat again but this time on the fallen man’s body. I
wanted to spit too, see the guard spit so much was disgusting and I
didn’t want to swallow it down.

The guard wiped his mouth and seemed to be quite out of breath, as
he made his way to the other side of the fallen man. The light from
the door illuminated both their bodies, and from that illuminating
light, I saw just how dirty the room really was. And in just that
second, I really was thankful that the room was dark most of the
time. Having to see that much filth all the time, and knowing that I
would be lying in it. Would drive me insane.

  I turned my attention back onto the two men and away from the
filth, although the guard was pretty filthy himself. He bent down and
picked up both the man’s wrist, and pulling them up over his
head. The man didn’t protest at all, he didn’t have any
fight left in him. He really was out of it. With the guard holding
onto both his wrist, he pulled the man away from the door. Towards
the far wall, but on the other side of us. Thank goodness.

  When he reached the wall he let go of the man’s wrist,
dropping him back onto the ground with a thug; I’m sure it was
his head that hit the ground this time.

  My eyes followed the line of light on the ground, back to the
open door. He had left it completely unguarded and open. My eyes
flashed wide open. Seth and I could surely take this guard on our
own; he looked be pretty warned out from having to deal with that man
as well. I’m sure he’s not at full straight anymore. I
tightened my hands into fist as thoughts ran through my mind, and
then that’s when a hand came and rest over them.

  I looked down to the hand that was over my own, and followed it
back up to Seth’s face. When our eye’s connected he
tighten his hand over mine, and then slowly shook his head. He knew
what I was thinking. My jaw was tightening as I looked him. This was
our only changes, I pleaded into his eyes. He just shook his head
again, but this time nodded it downwards. I looked at him confused at
first but then saw what he was on about, Ann.

  She was up and in his arms, he had nodded to her. I looked down
at her wrapped up in one of his rams, because his other one was
holding my hand. Her face pressed into his chest, he was probably
hiding her away from what was happening right now. I hadn’t
even noticed when she got up, but I’m sure it must have been
when the guard started yelling out, before he entered the room. I was
filled with annoyance. Our only chance to escape, and I couldn’t
do anything about it; all because he’s scared that she would
get hurt.

  “Well if you were so scared then why the hell did you
bring her along?” This was what I wanted to yell in his face,
but didn’t. I ripped my hand out of his warm grip and went back
to watching the awful guard and his capture. Seth hesitated at first
but then drop his hand, letting it wrap back around Ann’s
shoulder. He knew I got his message, even if I didn’t want to.
I wasn’t going to do anything, at least not just yet.

  In the time that I was devising and thinking whether to or not,
hit Seth over the head. The guard had already managed to chain the
man up by his wrists. I hadn’t even notice that there had been
chains hanging there on that wall. The chains were about half way up
the wall, so the man could sit but then his arms would be straight
out up over his head. Not a very comfortable position.

  After the guard was done he shook the chains a bit, making the
man sway from side to side. “Despicable.” I thought as I
glared at him. He then chuckled with amusement at his own handy work.
Stepping back he looked down to the man, shaking his head he tisked
with his tongue at him.

  After a second or two, the guard turned towards us and all my
senses fired up all at once, but then I saw that there was a huge
grin plaster on his face. Not a very nice grin might I add; I
seriously thought he had actually forgotten all about us at one
point. I guess my thought was wrong.

The guards grin disturbed me, badly, and I had to grimes at him as
he said “You kids have fun now,” In a mocking way. I
really did want to spit now, and on him too. “I don’t
want too much blood shed now. You know blood stains, it’s a
killer to clean up.” I raised a brow at him, and with that the
guard headed back out the door, closing it slowly behind him. That
door really must be heavy, what did he mean by ‘too much blood
shed’ anyway?

Then it hit me. I got up in one swift move and ran across the
room, making it just in time to the man as the last bit of light was
left in the room, before the guard had completely closed the door
plummeting us back into darkness. And I ripped open the man’s
mouth, and there along his teeth the prof that this man truly was a
blood garbage monster.

  Darkness fell back onto the room as I heard the rattling of
keys, locking us back in place. I moved away from the man leaving him
helplessly chained and headed back to Seth and Ann. I sat back down
in my previse spot, next to Seth, close but yet not close enough that
we were touching. My knees were up by my chest and I wrapped my arms
around them, burying and hiding my face in-between them.

“Angle, what’s wrong?” I heard Seth ask me in
his worried voice. “What did you see?” I just shook my
head. I didn’t want it to be true, if I said it then it would
be true. And I didn’t want it to be true. “Angle,”
He called my name more forcefully this time, but still keeping his
voice low. “Tell me, what did you see?” I had to tell
him, I know he wouldn’t stop until I’ve told him. 

“He’s a vampire Seth. That man sitting over there is a
vampire.” There I said it, so now it makes it true.           







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