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A taster of my Peruvian travelogue for a newspaper travel section
Machu Picchu was only what sprang to mind prior to my Trip, when I thought of Peru and quinoa. My trip itirenary was London <-> Miami <-> Lima <-> Cusco.

On the 7th of November, my trip began, I loved the process of travelling,  checking in bags, going through customs, waiting in the lounge, I people watched, a voyeur; the red faced baby screaming at the early morning start in her charming pink Babylon with the anxious Mum rocking her to and fro, eek, the young couple in the matching jeans set, young love, probably first holiday together. Everyone focused on the departures board waiting for boarding times to appear. It was quiet, apart from the baby, after all it was only 6am. Once we boarded for Miami, I was out like a light, my usual routine of settling down to a good movie went out of the window, too early for that, sleep beckoned. Longest layover in Miami, eight hours, ate, walked, slept, dossed like many other people, amazing how you sleep at the airport but you do.

I could not find the baggage storage area, the airport is massive. My arctic wear for the climes of Cusco was too heavy to go traipsing through town, note to self, travel lighter.

Checking in at 11pm, I was ready to get going.

Touching down at 5am in Lima on the 8th of September was pretty surreal, after checking in my bags for Cusco, I waited for the flight to Cusco which was to depart in the next three hours. The airport was full of locals, only few foreigners, the wise ones travelled later in the day. Announcements were made, I listened out for my flight, at one stage asked an American couple who looked less clueless then I did, turned out we were on the same page, spanish null point.

Finally the announcement for Cusco, the trip was absolutely amazing, the views outside my plane window were to die for and the American lady beside me informed me I was on the wrong side for spectacular views, it could get better, the phrase that sprung to mind, amazing and wow!

The mountains were burnt orange brown against the pale blue sky in the early morning glow.

Touch down, 45 minutes ,after, we arrived in Cusco.
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