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Lust can be deadly.
    Florin's titanium joints made an almost rhythmic buzz.
    His brain sat in a clear globe at the center of his six spider legs.
    It was all that was left of his flesh what  hung under his globe was
    synthetic. The corral of women bellow him scattered to avoid his
    9 feet high legs. It was an amusing game for Florin and his microwave
    sensors gave a 360 degree image more detailed than any human eye.
    He gathered his female prey caging them with his six legs.

    Manipulating their puny bodies and smaller brains took little effort in
    mind control. .. " There's something happening on the east coast."
    a clone spoke. He look just like Florin when he was a young lunar
    astronaut at NASA. Florin had many clones for sentimental reasons.
    Florin continued to work his telekinesis on the three naked females as he
    accessed the grid of surveilliance cameras on the east coast cities.
    " Looks like another riot. Drop some pixy dust on them." Florin spoke
    to his other self telepathically.

    The pixy dust was a passivefying mist that gave a sense of euphoria.
    The riots dispersed ... "Why do you need us?" one of his females asked.
    She was not under his mental control at that moment. Florin paused to
    ponder this reasonable question. He was self sustained. He could live
    forever, but he still lusted for these bestial moments.

    "I am a man." he replied .. He could sense her disgust
    and swept her up on his enlarged erection. She clung to it as it swung
    about between his legs . The mechanical device was tuned to the erogenous
    area of his brain. The female drove a spike into the soft connection at
    the base of his erection . The fluid preserving his brain began to leak.
    She repeatedly jab at the soft spot, shouting to the other females to
    attack. .. Florin was losing consciousness ..
    His clone released the pixy dust.
    The attack dispersed into an orgy amongst the females.
    "I must improve my armor." Florin stated and had all sharp items
    removed from his green garden. .. "The woman was created for man,
    but it is through woman that evil entered the world." Florin stated.
    His fluids had been restored.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2019891