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What exactly is music. Here is what I believe music is.
         What is music? To know this we have to understand the definition of music. What do you think music's definition is? Do you think music is sound created by instruments? Is music any sound that is pleasant to the ear?
         First, let's address the first possible definition. Is music any sound created by an instrument? Well, what is an instrument? An instrument is a tool made for a specific purpose. So, musical instruments are made specifically for making music, right? Well, what about skiffle?
         Skiffle is a music genre that originated in the early 1900s. Skiffle uses many items, such as washboards and jugs, to create music. Washboards and jugs weren't made specifically for making music, so this eliminates this definition.
         Alright, so is music any sound pleasant to the ear? Well, everyone thinks different sounds are pleasing. For instance some people like country music and hate rock, while others hate country but like rock. So, are these genres music or not? And either way, who decides what music is? I believe that music depends on the listener. If you like rock only and have to listen to country, then you aren't listening to music, just noise. However, if you like rock and get to listen to then you are listening to music. So, if someone likes the sound of chalk on a chalkboard, then even that is music.
         So, music is not sound created by instruments, but instead it is a sound pleasant to the listener's ears.
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