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by Archie
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Sports Unique
Was just thinking about sports today; that's what happens when I am given 4 days off work. We are in a rut so far as sports are concerned, and we need to come up with some new sporting events for us to watch. Here are a few suggestions:

* Green Auto Racing, a sport in which the pit crew pushes the race car around the track; the engine is never started.

* Underwater Boxing, a match in which injuries are minimized.

* Nerf Bowling would require much shorter bowling alleys and lighter pins.

* Extreme Chess, which would have a 100 yard by 100 yard chessboard and 5-foot high, 50-pound pieces. Each team would have a coach sitting high enough to see the entire field, and the players moving the pieces would have 2-seconds per block to move the pieces.

* Extreme Ping-Pong in which both table surfaces and balls would use a high-bounce material.

* Plunger Fencing would be a sport similar to fencing, but each fencer would use a toilet plunger and would wear a smooth breastplate. The object would be for each fencer to attempt to apply suction to the smooth breastplate and pull their opponents to the ground.

* High-Heel Darts would be a game similar to darts, but substituting stiletto high heels for the darts.

* Magneto Basketdisk would use a metal wheel with the same diameter of a regulation basketball and a magnetic backboard. The players would roll the disk across the floor and toss it to the backboard. They would score whenever the disk stuck to the backboard.

* Sightless Wrestling, in which all the wrestlers would wear blindfolds. I remember from my high school days when The Kentucky School for the Blind sported a wrestling team and they did quite well. (See Here)

* Molasses Swimming is like regular swimming events, except the pool is filled with Molasses.

These sports would be interesting changes to the sports we watch today, don't you think?
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