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A Story poem about a King with a problem.
My God What Have I Done!

In the Kingdom of Damzy, four twenty AD,
Ruled a most beloved King, Jarl Silas Magree.
A powerful leader, intelligent, kind,
Had only one problem invading his mind.

His Queen Ellismeerie of seventeen years,
Would never stop talking, which angered his ears.
She talked about nothing the king cared to hear,
Each word from her lips caused King Silas to jeer.

So Silas, whose patience had dwindled away,
Decided to summon his Wizard, Sir Kay.
The Mage strode with haste, and kissed his Lord's Ring,
"How may I serve you this day, honored King?"

"The Queen won't shut up, she's driving me nuts,
Her chattering's causing me pain in my guts."
"You must make a potion, there's no other choice,
Some chemical mixture to silence her voice!"

So Kay, to his alchemy table then fled,
And found just the thing in a book that he'd read.
Some essence of Stifle and Scale of Snake,
Kay added some dust of the flower, Mandrake.

"I've found just the potion to silence the Queen",
At least that's the best the old wizard could glean.
"But warn you I must, this is powerful stuff,
Give her only one drop and her chatter you'll snuff."

So Silas with stealth placed three drops in her wine,
Cause he felt that a couple more drops would be fine.
Soon Queen Ellismeerie, to lighten her head,
Drank every last drop of her wine before bed.

The King, who lay falling to sleep with a grin,
Did peacefully dream for the spell to begin.
When mornings light woke him at dawn the next day,
He arose, to check up on the spell, from Sir Kay.

Amazed and bewildered, the Jarl pulled his hair,
Two Queen Ellismeeries awoke with a stare.
They both spoke in anger, "King what have you done!"
"Why are there two of us here and not one?"

So Silas stomped hard down the Castles main hall,
To punish the Wizard, Sir Kay with his maul.
"What happened"? Kay asked as he cowered in fear,
He could smell the Kings anger, his eyes like a spear.

"The potion you made duplicated our Queen,
And both of them still have a voice", said the King.
Sir Kay was confounded, "I'm sure it would work"!
"Did you follow the plan or do something berserk?"

"I added three drops to her wine, not just one,
My God, what on Heavens green earth have I done!"
The Queens took to hunting their King, Silas down.
He ... hearing them, gazed at Sir Kay with a frown.

Before they arrived the King crept out of sight,
In confusion, to flee from the source of his plight.
And that was the last time poor Silas was seen,
He hadn't the stomach to face either Queen.

The Moral is really quite clear, and it's true,
When scheming to change what is making you blue,
Take care with the recipe in your confections,
And if you should use them, best follow directions!     


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