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To my brothers in arms from allied nations who went downrange with me.
Where do you wander, soldier?  What treasures do you seek?
Why are you out so late in this dark and quiet street?

I see you are my comrade, another just like me,
my tried and certain confidante from far across the sea.

Softly now, we hear the sound of someone's captured breath.
Back to back, we make our stand to face a grisly death.

Through the whine of bullets and shrapnel screaming past,
I stand with you, you stand with me, brothers holding fast.

Hours, days or minutes, the time it matters not. 
For we're here for each other, governments can rot.

When we move out from this place we may not know the names
of those out in the shadows that tried to make their fame.

We'll only know they tried and failed to bring us to our knees,
and we will go home once again to our lands beyond the sea.
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