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Nature's song and dance in the snow
                                       "A Winter Solstice Celebration"

                                       Beneath a cold, mesmerizing moon,
                             shimmering reflections added silver ambiances
                                                 to the icy festivities.

                             Deep into the forest, a wooded land of magick,
                                       under a glistening snow canopy,
                                       gold gilded waving wands gleam;
                             while mini orchestras prepare to perform
                             winter symphonies and wee sweet songs.
                   Entertainment and frolic; nature's seasonal frisky celebration
                                       with tiny cinnamon-stick flutes
                                                 and crystal violins.

                             Small melodic voices sing and dance gleefully
                                       throughout the frigid star-lit night.

                                       Effervescence; sugar-like powder
                             dusted teeny transparent fluttering fairy wings.

                             Gauzy wreaths of frost and peppermint leaves,
                             generously sprinkled with nutmeg and cloves,
                   haloed tresses of long raven-black, and those flaxen hued.
                             All were donned in Cardinal feathered bodices,
                   swaying skirts, and britches of dazzling ribbons streaming.

                             Winter's Solstice of soft-blue and white lights
                                       bouncing off sparkling snow-fairies;
                   fun skating on a glazed ground, and gliding on the frosty air.

                                                 Icy festivities
                             beneath a bold and mesmerizing moon,
                   when tiny cinnamon-stick flutes and crystal violins play.

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