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Even the bad guys had better learn the rules
What weakness corrupts, power destroys. Take care before you burden a friend with the keys of dominion:

Two women alone in a room with a concrete floor: Serena, in a black dress, tied to a concrete post; Milena, in a peach colored outfit, roams free.

Serena: Please, Milena? I can help. I know how these things operate, I know a few words of magic, but... I didn't cast that spell, and I don't deserve —

Milena: invades Serena's space Of course you didn't, honey. I called the demon, and now we have to feed him. Shakes a bottle of pills Trial's over, your fate is sealed. Be a good little sacrifice and maybe I'll give you something to numb the pain.

Serena: Help! Help! I found the witch. I found — !

Milena: Express sadistic exultation, joy of deception Demon! Demon! I can feel it in the air. We've got to get Serena burned before she calls it forth! Jacoby, come quick! Bring the accelerant!

Two men rush in. Lars, late forties, backwoods clothes. Jacoby, younger, buttoned up. Jacoby has a gas can.

Serena: Struggle against her bonds Lars, Jacoby! Can't you see what she's doing? You don't want to do this.

Milena: I told you, be quiet. They're not going to help you, not after you unleashed that monster on the town.

Serena: Express: Losing heart At least give me the painkillers.

Milena: You had your pills, you greedy little witch.

Serena: I didn't, Lars, really. Voice becomes pleading, immature. Please, at least believe me on this.

Milena: I told you to shut up. We don't need to listen to this.

Lars: Serena's right, Jacoby. Them pills, all here. Now, Milena, you know it ain't right, shorting a condemned woman her final comfort.

Milena: Express: impatient, arrogant. Just give me the stupid gas can, Jacoby.

Jacoby: Pull the gas can away. Serena, of all people! I can't believe you would break our oath. How could you? Wave Lars off. Something isn't right here. We have to think about this.

Milena: Effect: Milena's hand bursts aflame. Think all you want, you ignorant, mortal fool. I'll burn the little witch myself.

Jacoby: Milena! You've got real magic? You ain't even one of our circle!

Lars: Take that, witch! Pour gasoline on Milena; effect: pyrotechnics; she is instantly destroyed.

Jacoby: My god. You didn't have to pour the gas on Milena! She hasn't been judged.

Serena: At least, now you know who made the curse.

Lars: Don't nobody know who done what. Look like you worked bayou hoodoo on Milena. I'm gone be rid of you, 'fore you steal locks of my hair and mess my mind, like you did my sweet apprentice.

Jacoby: Step in front of Lars; confront. We have to have another trial, Lars. Otherwise, it's murder.

Lars: She got you, done worked her spell. Magic can't all be flashy stuff, you know. Just stand back, I make it easy on her.

Jacoby: Get away from her. I told you, we're going to have to retry her.

Lars: I think I'm gone say she got you. Reckon, man has to defend his self.

Jacoby: Stop this right now. Lars, you haven't done anything wrong. Yet!

Serena: Back off, Jacoby. Let him do it. I'll be okay, in the next life. You'll get over me.

Lars: Now that kind of talk: sensible. Direct at Serena; express guilt and anger. Too bad you and Milena can't trade places.

Jacoby: I will never let you get away with killing her.

Lars: You sure about that? Direct at Jacoby: Express mocking contempt. Guess you gone cut her loose then, mister-by-the-book man.

Jacoby: Turn his back on Lars, to free Serena. Come on. We've got to talk to the witch's council.

Serena: Once freed, pull away. No, Jacoby. I'm doomed. You can't save me. Let me go, please. Just, let me go.

Jacoby: Express: Angry, desperate, whiny I can't.

Lars: Casting spell See you both in Hell, when they angels up and catch me.

Jacoby and Serena: Pyrotechnics; scream in pain and terror, then dead.

All dead, save Lars.

Lars:Kneels before Milena's remains. Express: Remorse, grief. I never gone forget what happen here, Milenakal. What I done, betraying you. Man got clean his mess. You never understand that. Don't need cast spells like no tomorrow, calling up demon, playing god. You break the law of science all to your heart content, still you gone have to reckon; there is consequence. There is a right way, even for evil. I never should come this here world. You deserve better, than to die like one these here mortal animals. I gone have to live with that. I should stood up for you, though. I should taught you better, is all.

Final Curtain

Authors Note:
Thanks for reading. I hope that you enjoyed my little story.

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