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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2021593
Is Andrea Tantaros a person of interest ?

      Fox News contributor Andrea Tantaros was bound naked
      in the Temple of Set. Her lovely copper breasts were thrust upward
      as her back arched on the granite alter.

      "Who the hell are you?!" she shouted to a congregation of worshipers.
      She was answered with chants in an ancient dialect.

      "I am. That I am." a man answered in a cloak. He stood next to her
      at her belly.

      "Okay-okay. I don't want any trouble. I'll do whatever you ask."
      The  Fox News reporter knew she had no choice, but she hoped to
      reason with her captor.

      "I am Director Michael Aquino of the C.I.A. Your loyalty is not in question.
      That is why you have been chosen to give the new Millennium a new Messiah."
      The Director raised his arms with palms extended to Heaven ..

      "As it is written in the Revelations chapter 20 and Luke 18,
      'And I saw the Angel of Light come down from Heaven like Lightning.'"
      Michael put his left hand on Andrea's belly. .. She could feel a great heat
      in his touch.

                      "I am a good person!" Andrea Tantaros gasped.

      A radiant light filled the temple as goat blood was poured over her.
      Naked and bound to the stone altar, all she could do was shout curses
      and finally exclaim ,  "Everything is awesome!"

      Director Aquino untied her and guided her to the congregation of Senators
      and Congressmen as well as celebrities.  .. They all congratulated her and
      kissed her.

      "You are now a member of the Temple of SET." The C.I.A. director stated.
      Andrea received her new social security number beginning with 006.
      She would never question the government again...

      Everything was awesome!

      Reflections: Is it legal for the police to beat a confession out of a suspect ?
                          Is it legal for the police to imprison a suspect indefinitely without a trial ?
                          Yes. Get a copy of C.I.A. operative Susan Lidauer; EXTREME PREJUDICE.
                          She was the C.I.A. envoy to Iraq.
                          She saw no connection between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein.
                          She was imprisoned for 5 years without a trial for speaking to the media.

                          "First they came for the Jews and then they came for me." Fr. Maximilian Globe.
                          He was a Priest of German heritage, who opposed Hitler's final solution.
                          He was arrested for sedition.


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