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Written for the visually challenged, hopefully to be translated into braille.
Pink is as soft as a rose petal. Its delicate finesse paints the mornings in the eastern sky. Pink is as faint as a whisper. It is the color of your cheeks after playing in the snow. Pink comforts, as does the fluffy warmth of an infant's coverlet. Pink

Green is the crispness of the air on an early spring morning. Green is the fragrance of a gentle breeze after cutting the grass. It is the vigor and energy of the first morning hours. Green is the color of the Army, signifying our freedom and liberty. Green is the first breath of a baby after birth, indicating new life. Green.

Yellow is the color of cheer and optimism. It is the warmth of the summer sunshine on your face. Yellow reaches beyond the limits of self, and into a world of hope and helping. Yellow doesn't doubt; instead, it lifts us up and gives us inspiration. Yellow is a voice that is so lively it inspires us to smile. Yellow.

Red is the color of a mighty warrior. Red is determination. Red is the color of fire, fire that burns in the furnace, and the fire that ignites our innermost passions. Red is courage. Red is the color of your face when you feel rage. Red.

Orange is the color of the western sky in the evenings, when the sun begins to set, the temperature cools slightly, and nightlife begins. Orange is the bittersweet taste of citrus fruit. Orange is the color of sweet candy corn. . . Orange.

Blue has differing meanings. I will let you decide what blue means.
a) Blue is unsurpassed joy as we reach down into the seemingly bottomless depth of our true love's soul. We don't need to be able to see with our eyes to do that. We feel it with our hearts. Blue is the vast openness of infinity, of the sky's limitless possibilities for success. Blue are the berries we share with those for whom we care, sometimes baked in a pie!

b) Or, blue is the despair and grief of loss and depression. It wrangles with us and drenches us with sadness. Blue is a single person hearing the joy of a couple in love and, rather than joining them in their joy, becoming overwhelmed with brokenheartedness. Blue is the remembrance of mistakes from the past, rather than focusing on great future opportunities. Blue is choosing to stay in bed instead of sitting outside listening to the birds or the waves of the ocean.

So blue is up to you. How will you perceive blue?
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