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A poem about being secure with who you are but put a kid twist on it.
Mr. Elephant says,
"Why, being big isn't so bad. There's more of me to love."

Mr. Giraffe says,
"Why, being tall isn't so bad. I can reach more things above."

Mr. Snail says,
"Why, being slow isn't so bad. I never trip on anything."

Mr. Lion says,
"Why, being scary isn't so bad. I will always be a respected king."

Mr. Aardvark says,
"Why, being ugly isn't so bad. I'm still the friendliest around."

Mr. Rhino says,
"Why, being rough isn't so bad. I never get hurt when I fall down."

Mr. Spider says,
"Why, being skinny isn't so bad. I can move through tight spaces easily."

Mr. Tiger says,
"Why, being striped isn't so bad. I look unique when standing in a crowd."

You say,
"Why, being me isn't so bad. There's nobody else that can be it."
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