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by Tienny
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Defining and interpreting Circle
Circle can be found in our surroundings. It is found in the design of flowers and its petals. A ball looks like a circle in a drawing and photo. Circle is the basic shape to draw baby faces. The moon and sun are also drawn in circle. Even the base of every pan is circle. Suddenly, circle dawns upon me that life is like swirling around the circle in thinking and dealing with our problems. We are back to square one.

Foetus in the womb is considered zero degrees and is innocent in this stage. Infant is still innocent in their lives. Many times, the child’s parents’ or guardians’ are the main influence on the psychological growth of a child. A safe haven environment is important for a child and love is also important. Good moral and ethical principles are necessary for the child’s attitude and mindset. Teachers and friends also may influence a teenager’s psychological growth. They either feed good or polluted influence upon a child when the child can’t find love and acceptance in the family.

That is the reason Jesus Christ came in the flesh (John 1) to save the lost humanity in our hearts and minds. That is when our 180 degrees changes in our life moves to 360 degrees. Back to square one. To return to the Creator, repent our sins and correct our ways to walk in His guidance. Back to the Bible. Most people receive Christ during the lowest point in their lives. When His Words don’t take roots in our hearts, we will not grow in our faith in Christ and become more like Christ.

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