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The creeping infallibility

      " So, when Queen Elizabeth 1th consecrated the Arch Bishop of Canterbury ,
      establishing the Anglican Church. She broke the Papal Seed with England."
      Tyler read off Wikipedia. Valery did a backward cartwheel and a split.
      She was practicing for her next gymnast meet. "Ah, why should I care?"
      she queried and made a forward split, placing her chest to the mat and
      stretching her hands out in front of her. Tyler shook his head in dismay.

      "Don't you care about religion and God?" Tyler implored as he smoked
      his vaporizer. Valery gave a toothy smile and bent backwards into an arched
      hand to foot stance. "Nope." she replied and did a forward flip.
      "That is stupid." Tyler took another puff on his medical marijuana vaporizer.
      Valery stood on her hands and did a scissor split with her legs.
      "I don't know what that has to do with us." she stated.

      Tyler handed her his vaporizer . . She inhaled and blew smoke rings.
      Tyler rubbed her back, "Without God, we are nothing. Do you want to
      raise our child with no faith in God?" Valery wrapped her legs around
      him and handed back the vaporizer. "We're living in a world with no God."
      she said calmly and turned on the teli. Tyler fell backwards into his bean
      bag. He looked out the living room window at the blue bay.

      "There has to be something more. Maybe we could be pagans?
      We could join Green Peace." Tyler took another puff.
      Valery stretched , "Your just high. Worship me."  Tyler laughed
      and they kissed. "What does a Tavern have to do with the Anglican Church?"
      Valery asked whipping her hair to the right.
      "Ah, well, that's what the Catholic's called the Anglican Church.
      'A tavern religion.' " Tyler's head fell back as he napped.

      Valery smiled and pet her cat Tichabah.
      "Should we tell him I'm a Witch?" she asked her cat.
      The cat purred and shook her head no...

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