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by Carl
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2024309
Jarryd shows how good it is to be a giant to a friend
Jarryd loomed over Sydney, staring down at the frightened people. He was thinking about all the things he could do to them. The fun he could have. As Jarryd was about to grab his first crowd he heard a large thump in the distance. He ignored this until he heard more. Jarryd looked up and spotted another giant on the other side of Sydney. He walked over towards the giant and started to recognise who he was. The curly hair, the muscular body and that amazing bulge. It was Jarryd's friend Aydan.

"Oh, hey Jarryd. What brings you here?"
"Aydan, how did you get this big?"
"I most likely drank the same drink as you. As you know I was not at school but I saw what happened on the news. After watching the news I went to the shops and bought this drink that made me grow. There was only one there so you probably had the other."

As Aydan was talking, Jarryd was looking at his friend's impressive bulge. It was so big, leaving nothing to the imagination. As Jarryd was staring he saw the fabric of Aydan's undies move.
"Oi Aydan, what have you got in your underwear?"
"I got some people in there, you want some?"
"Um, yeah sure."
Aydan reached into the front of his briefs and grabbed a bunch of people. He poured half of the people in Jarryd's open hand.
"They taste really good you know." said Aydan
"Oh I know."

Both giants then shoved the people into their mouths, enjoying how they taste. Due to the fact that they were being held in Aydan briefs, the people had a salty taste. They would toss the people around in their mouth, putting them underneath their tongues, slapping them around and crushing them against their cheeks before swallowing them down into their muscular bodies.

"Hey Aydan, have you put one of them up your ass yet?"
"No, but does it feel good?"
"It feels great. Here let me help."
Jarryd leaned down and plucked a young boy from the ground. As he did this Aydan took of his underwear, letting the people that were in it cling to his thick cock to survive or seek refuge in his forest of pubes. The young boy was screaming as he saw his new home. Aydan bent over a bit, spreading his cheeks and opening his asswhole, welcoming entry to the young boy.
"This is going to feel so good."
Jarryd then shoved to boy into Aydan's ass. The boy was pushed into a tight tube that smelt horrible. He was slowly being compressed by the inner walls of Aydan's ass. The boy was wriggling and squirming around, bringing much pleasure to Aydan.

"Holy shit that felt amazing."
"I know right but that is not the best thing they can be used for."
"What else Jarryd?"
"Shove them down your cock. It feels sooooooooo good."
Aydan then grabbed a boy clinging to his cock and brought him to the slit. Aydan shoved the boy in head first, pushing the boy in until only his legs were visible, kicking wildly. Aydan was in ecstasy. Waves of pleasure were travelling throughout his body. Aydan shoved the rest of the boy inside of him. The boy travelled down a tight tube that smelt of old piss a cum. As the boy was going down, bursts of pre cum would hit him in the face, making him swallow Aydan's manly juice. The boy eventually entered a large chamber that had slimy walls and a white liquid at the bottom. The boy was in Aydan's sack.

Aydan then grabbed more people from his dick and the ground. He shoved them into his cock one at a time. He loved the pleasure he got from the people travelling down his shaft and filling his balls. Speaking of his balls, they were expanding. All the people inside were causing Aydan so much pleasure. He needed to get off. As he reached down to grab his dick Jarryd stopped him.
"Allow me."
Jarryd then grabbed people from the ground and spread them all over Aydan's erect dick. They would stick to it due to how sticky it was from all the pre cum and sweat Aydan was producing. Jarryd them put Aydan cock in his mouth. He slapped the cock with his tongue, making the people stick to it and be tossed around by all the movement. Jarryd would insert the tip of his tongue into Aydan's slit.

Aydan was moaning, enjoying all the pleasure he was getting. Aydan fell to the ground, letting his muscular ass crush a large amount of buildings and people. Jarryd, with Aydan's cock still in his mouth was began to suck Aydan. Aydan grabbed people from the ground and he would shove them up his ass for more pleasure. All their squirming finally made Aydan explode. He erupted in Jarryd's mouth. Shot after shot would shoot into Jarryd's mouth and go down his throat along with the people in his mouth as well. Jarryd took the cock out of his mouth. Aydan fell backwards, panting and sweating. His sweat droplets would crash into the people below, drowning some of them. Now that Aydan knew how great it was to be a giant, the real fun was about to start
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