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Another Bard's tale.
Many Years ago, an ancient tomb was found,

And out crept the foul Lich King,

Who with his dark sorcery,

Called forth his Legion of the Damned.

And as they crept across our lands,

The foul magics of the Lich did darken our skies.

Those who stood in their path,

Where slain without a thought,

For none could stand before the might,

Of the Legion of the Damned.

And those who fled, cried out,

For the Riders of old to take flight once more.

And as they heard their fearful cries,

The fires of war where lit once more.

The Riders rose on their Dragons,

To fight the Legion of the Damned,

With fang and claw, with sword and flame,

Many died as the battles raged,

The land was bathed in blood and fire.

At last the magic waned,

The Legion crumbled under Dragon's flame.

At last the Lich lay slain,

The shadow banished by flame and steel,

The Rider and his bonded at his side,

Their last great sacrifice.

As he fell his armies crumbled to dust,

And the Legion of the Damned was no more.

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