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Are you close to the end? Have you ever seen his head?
30th September~11pm

Dear Diary,

I didn't sleep yesterday night, and that’s not just because today it had been one month after the disappearance of my brother. Something kept me awake the whole night: a noise." Toc-Toc". It was like if someone was knocking at my door. But the door was opened and nobody there. "Toc-Toc".  I closed my eyes, trying to not think about it, but the knocking was getting stronger. "Toc-Toc". I put my head under the pillow and waited.

~12 am

The noise finally stopped. I went to the bathroom and when I came back to my bed I found it: A picture of me sleeping was on the screen of my mobile, but that's not all. In the picture, behind me, there was something: A head.."Toc-Toc".  I looked out of my room and.. I saw him. A man in black was standing out of my room. He was wearing a black costume. I just could see his eyes, white like little lamps in the darkness. He was looking at me. I tried to overcome my fear but I suddenly fell out of my bed. He disappeared. I went out of the room and woke my mum up telling her that there was someone in the house. She took a broom and we both looked around the whole house looking for someone. Nobody was there. “But I saw him!”. She couldn't believe me. I hadn’t had a nightmare. It was real. He was real.

~3 am

I heard a noise downstairs. I tried to be brave overcoming my fears and I went there to verify what was happening. The light of the kitchen was turned on. Hiding behind the wall, I looked around and I saw him. Again. The man in black was there eating a red apple. Red like blood. He suddenly turned and looked at me as if he was waiting for me. He smiled. The light was turned off and then on again and...He disappeared. But there was something on the floor. A red printing written said:

“The end is close”

2nd October~3pm

Dear Diary,

Yesterday night I had a nightmare. My brother was hanging on a tree branch. I remember that when I first saw him, I started crying and screaming and in that moment he lifted his head, looked at me and smiled. I took his cold hands and cherished his face. He was crying. I felt like if he wanted to tell me something but even that, he didn’t answer to my question. Then someone touched me on my shoulder. I turned. The man in black was there. I heard my brother screaming. I turned again: his head was on the floor and the blood coming out from his neck like a waterfall wrote on the grass: End. After that, I suddenly woke up. I was sweated and terrified like never before. I hope I won’t ever have a nightmare like that. Not anymore.

29th October~4pm

Dear Diary,

Nothing happened in the last month. No nightmare, no man in black. Nothing.

30th October~11pm

Dear Diary,

I was going to sleep when I heard my mobile ringing. I answered but... Nobody there. "Toc-Toc". I started feeling chills all over my body. I turned around. Nobody there. My mobile rang again and then I saw it: A picture of me lying on the floor was on the screen. And there, another written "End". I went to the bathroom to wash my face. I opened my eyes and the black man was standing behind me with the head of my brother in his hands.

31th October~ 7am

Dear Diary,

I just woke up. I didn't even know what happened yesterday night since I read what I wrote to you. I am here, I am alive, that's the most important thing. I really don't know what's going on here. I went to the bathroom and the mirror was broken like if someone had hit it with a hammer. There was blood on the floor. I went to the kitchen and I figured it out. My mum was there. Her dead body was lying on the floor and next to her that written "End". I went upstairs crying. “Toc-Toc”. The noise was coming from the room of my brother. I opened the door, but the lights didn’t work. I couldn’t see anything, just darkness around me. I suddenly touched something with my feet. There was something on the floor. I tried to reach it but there was nothing. Then I saw my hands: there was blood on them. Lights suddenly turned on. In front of me there was the dead body of my brother: I was touching his head.


Dear Diary,

After a thousand of texts, my dad just called me. He will be back in few minutes. "Toc-Toc". “That’s him!!”. I opened the door and…yes, that was him. His dead body was there and next to him there was that written "End". I can't even cry now. I'm so terrified; I do not want to die. I called the police:"Please, help me!" I hope they will be here as soon as possible.



I am alone. You are the only one with whom I can talk. The police didn't come. I know that I will be the next one. I will die.


"I AM DEAD": I am behind you.

~10 pm

I didn't write it. "Toc-Toc". I felt a chill on my back. I turned. Behind me there were the dead bodies of my mum, my brother and my dad. All of them were wearing a black costume. And on the floor there was another written. "I am close to the end."

I heard the door behind me creacking and quickly turned. There was a shadow moving behind it. The lights turned off. Something rolled into the room. Lights on. Something was next to my feet. I looked down at the floor. The head of the black man was there. He was still laughing.

I called the police, but when they finally came they just found the dead bodies of my family.

1st November~12am

I just received a message. A picture of his face laughing. The text said: End.


Nobody ever found his body, or his head.

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