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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2026499
Why? Why not? Why again.

      "Okay. So, you got a D in social class.
      What did you do to get it?" Sandy glistened
      with an impish anticipation.

      "Miss. Cameron said I was not sensitive to the needs
        of other people. I guess I shouldn't have told her I
        like to smoke pot." Bill looked around trying to find
        a joint in his jacket.

      "Miss Cameron is so boring." Sandy coughed and
        handed Bill a beer. They were in Bill's club house.
        It had lots of Christmas lights and bean bag chairs
        and an inflated camping bed. The club house was
        in the attic of his grandmother's house.

        Bill's parents had been killed by a moose that wandered
        in front of their speeding Winnebago. Bill was just a toddler,
        strapped in the back seat.

        "I like you naked in those blue nylons." Sandy giggled and
        took another drag on the bong. Bill was wearing her panties.
        "The principle said I was flunking out of 9th grade and I'd have
          to take it over again." Bill sipped some Japanese tea his
          grandmother kept.

        "Your 19." Sandy laughed.

        "Yeah." Bill smiled and flipped through his Doctor Strange comic.
        "I .. Ah! I know what! I'll be a talk show guy. You don't need a diploma .."
        Bill was very high as Sandy played with his package of gummy bears.
        "The Bill O'Reilly Show. What-ya-think?" Bill started licking Sandy.

        "Sure why not." Sandy giggle as Bill tongue tickled her who-ha.
        "But, isn't there ah job interview?" Sandy was tripping.
        "Yeah.. Maybe. Hey! I could write a comic book! Except instead of
        superheroes it would about celebrity gossip and UFO abductions !
        The Enquirer by Bill O'Reilly! I don't need a diploma for that."
        Bill did a belly flop on his bean bag.

        Sandy smirked, "That's crazy. Let's pretend were married and your
                                    insanely jealous and you spank me."

        Bill stood erect, "All right! Were going to do it right!"
        He fell over a bean bag and rolled over Sandy desperately trying to
        spank her tiny butt.

        Bill's grandmother tapped the trap door with a broom.
        "You kids better not be making a mess!" she shouted and shuffled
        away ... "Your the coolest guy in 9th grade." Sandy said as she straddled
        Bill. "I'll be 14 in April. That's legal in Minnesota." Sandy gave a big toothy

        "This is Boston." Bill laughed and bounced her on his lap.

        And so a legend was christened ...

        ^ ^
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