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Lynn is seduced by a man in a mask at her campus's Mardi Gras celebration
I did not want to go with my friends to the Mardi Gras celebration on campus. I figured it was just going to be a night of drunken debauchery, and I was correct. My friend Madison insisted that I go. She dressed me in a gold sequined tube top, a vinyl mini-skirt, and a pair of vinyl heeled boots which zipped up the inside of my legs. She put a metallic gold mask with peacock feathers attached to the sides over my eyes. The woman I saw in the mirror looked so hot she made my pussy clench. I could not believe it was me.

“What do you think?” Madison asked.

“I think I’m going to get molested,” I answered. Part of me was excited at the idea. In my normal clothes I blended in with everyone else, but in this outfit someone was bound to notice me.

“Let’s hurry up before we miss something!” Madison exclaimed.

We left our dorm room and headed to the quad at the center of campus. As we approached the quad I could feel the vibration of the music in the ground. It traveled up my legs straight to my core. I could feel my own juices soaking my sex, and beginning to slide down my inner thighs. I wanted to wear panties, but Madison had insisted there was no point. We could hear people hollering and laughing. We could see the glow of a bond fire, and the movement of dancing figures. As we drew closer we were able to see the figures were nearly naked men and women dancing in the light of the fire. Further away from the fire groups were engaging in various forms of drunken debauchery. Groups of three or more were licking, sucking, and rubbing all over each other. The smell of sex, drugs, alcohol, and fire filled my nose.

“Are you sure about this Maddie,” I asked. When she did not answer I looked to either side of me and found I stood alone. I moved around the outer edge of the fire light scanning the groups for Madison. I sighed and turned to leave when I ran face first into a hard bare male chest. I looked up into a pair of brown eyes that reflected the glow of the fire. “Oh excuse me.”

“Oh no excuse me,” his voice rumbled out of him like soft thunder heralding an approaching storm. He wore a black mask with dark feathers attached to the sides. The rest of him was bare accept for a pair of black boxer briefs. “Aren’t you going stay?”

“This isn’t really my scene,” I admitted. “I only came because my friend begged me to, but now she’s wondered off somewhere.”

“She’s probably mingling with the others or getting herself a drink,” the masked man suggested. He wrapped the strand of beads he wore around one of his large fingers. “Or she’s collecting these.”

“Where do you do that?” I asked.

“Any where,” he answered. “All of the guys hear have them. Have you ever been to Mardi Gras?”

“No, but I’ve heard about it,” I looked over my shoulder to see two of the dancers begin coupling in the fire light while others watched and cheered. I quickly looked away, and back into the eyes of my new acquaintance. “So, what does one have to do to get a strand of those beads?”

“What have you heard?” He asked.

“I’m supposed to flash someone?” I ventured.

“That’s correct,” he smiled.

I swear I’ve seen his smile before. “Who are you?”

“Does it matter?” He asked. “We are wearing masks to hide our identities, so why should I tell you who I am?”

“I would feel more comfortable if I knew who I was showing my breasts to,” I explained. I doubted he was someone I know.

“Would you?” He took me by the shoulders, and leaned closer so I caught the smell of him. He smelled of men’s cologne and body-wash. It was a scent I recognized as something I smelled often. “I’m not so sure.”


“No,” he cut me off, and put a hand over my mouth. “Let’s keep the mystery for now. Come with me.”

He took my hand and led me away from the fire. We walked in the dark toward another spot on the quad. He led me through circle of bushes to another much smaller fire. There was a blanket and a cooler set near the fire. He led me to the blanket, and eased me down to sit on the blanket.

“Now about showing me you breasts for beads,’ he smiled mischievously.

I ran my fingers along the hem of the tube top I wore. I stared into his brown eyes as I slowly lifted the top, and bared my breasts to him. His smile widened, and he lifted the strand of beads over his head, and slipped it over mine. Before I could lower my top he took hold of it and pulled it off of me. The strand of beads he gave me tangled between my breasts. My nipples stiffened in the cold night air. I wrapped my arms around myself in a vain effort to stave off the chill. The masked man pulled me close and opened the cooler. He handed me an unopened bottle of Smirnoff. I twisted off the top, and took a swig of the raspberry flavored liquid. The warmth of the vodka flowed through me as I drank. My companion cupped one of my breasts and sucked my stiffened nipple into his mouth. I moaned as he suckled and licked. When I finished the Smirnoff I set the bottle in the grass, and he laid me back on the blanket. He suckled and licked my other nipple while I moaned and squirmed beneath him. He hand slid up under my skirt, and two of his large fingers slid deep inside my soaked hole.

“Mmm, you’re so wet,” he moaned. He trailed kisses to my ear as he thrust his fingers inside me. I moaned and my hips bucked beneath him rubbing against his hand. “I want to taste you. May I?”

“Yes,” I breathed.

He trailed hot open mouthed kisses down to the waistband of my skirt. He unzipped the skirt, and remove it. I now lay on a blanket wearing nothing but a stand of beads and a mask. He sat up for a moment, and let his eyes rove over my naked body bathed in the orange glow of the fire. I closed my eyes as he lowered his head, and I felt his mouth on my crotch. His tongue licked deep inside me as he sucked the juice from my ripe forbidden fruit.

“Oh god,” I moaned. “Whoever you are, this feels so good.”

He grunted in response, and the vibration sent me over the edge. I my face heat as I screamed my pleasure to the world. He crawled over me when my body went still. He pressed his lips to mine, and I tasted my juices on his mouth. My tongue slipped past his lips and entwined with his. As we kissed he moved my hands to his briefs. I slid them from his waist and down his legs as far as I could reach. He sat up and removed them the rest of the way. He laid over me and lined himself up with me.

“It was not a coincidence we encountered each other tonight,” he whispered. “I sought you out.”

“How did you know who to look for?” I asked. “You don’t even know who I am.”

“I do,” he whispered. “Lynn, I know who you are, and I knew what you would be wearing tonight.”

“How?” I gasped.

“Your roommate was kind enough to dress you the way I asked her to,” he murmured. “Then she was kind enough to make herself scarce.”

“Who are you?” I demanded. “Tell me or get off me!”

He propped himself on one arm and removed his mask. I squeaked as I stared into the eyes of my humanities professor. I knew him as Dr. Erickson, but this was not the man who stood in the front of the class room and lectured on human cultures. The eyes that were usually filled with knowledge and wisdom were now full of lust and hunger.

“Dr. Erickson?” I whispered. “How long have you wanted me like this?”

“Since you walked into my classroom in your cute little jeans and your tight t-shirt,” he growled. “Please Lynn, call me Ben.”

“Ben,” I breathed. I said it again drawing out the e as he slid his big hard cock inside me.

“You follow instructions well, Lynn.”

“Can we really do this?” I asked. “I’m a student and you’re a professor. Aren’t there rules against that?”

“Yes,” Ben nodded. He began to move in and out of me slowly. “That’s why I waited until tonight to reveal my feelings for you. Everyone is in masks, and tonight is the night of indulgences.”

“So after tonight?” I moaned as he slowly fucked me. “What happens next?”

“You’ll come to see me during my office hours tomorrow,” he instructed. “Until then I’m going to make you cum until you can’t walk. I’m going to carry you back to my car, take you to my home, and take you over and over again in my bed.”

“And how am I getting back to my dorm to get ready for school?” I asked as he continued to slowly build my orgasm.

“We’ll work that out later,” he grunted. “Though I appreciate your inquisitive nature in class I really want you to stop asking questions right now.”

“Sorry,” I whispered. He pushed the mask up off my face so he could see me.

Ben pressed his mouth to mine, and slipped his tongue between my parted lips. His thrusts increased in speed as he kissed me. He trailed kisses along my jaw to the soft spot beneath my jaw. He trailed more kisses down my neck to my collar bone. I whimpered and squirmed with pleasure. He pumped faster and harder inside me, and I bucked my hips to meet his thrusts. My warm pussy tightened around his hard thrusting rod. He grunted as he thrust deep inside me, and filled me with his hot release. When he finished he slid out of me, and lay beside me facing the fire and stroking my breasts.

“I wish I could have revealed my feelings to you in different way,” he whispered. “I would have preferred a nice candle lit dinner and wine to a cooler of vodka and a blanket by a fire.”

“I like this,” I admitted. I reached up and stroked his chest. “It was kind of spooky but hot at the same time.”

“Because of the mask?” He inquired.

“Yes,” I nodded. “Am not sure what I’m supposed to call you.”

“On campus you call me Dr. Erickson like any other student,” he said. “When we’re alone like this you can call me ben.”

“But we’re technically on campus,” I argued. I smiled up at him.

“Are you being a smart ass?” He inquired.

“Maybe,” I smiled. I yelped when he turned me to face him and gave my ass a firm slap. “Mmm, thank you professor may I have another?”

“Yes you may you naughty little woman.” He slapped my ass again. “Ready to go back to my place?”


We redressed, folded up the blanket, put out the fire, and made our way back to his vehicle by flashlight. When we reached his home he carried me back to his bedroom, and we indulged in each other until the wee hours of the morning.

The next morning he drove me back to the dormitory. I showered and dressed in my normal blue jeans, long sleeve shirt, and sweater. I was running a brush through my hair when Madison entered our room. She sat on her bed and unzipped her boots.

“How was your night?” She asked.

“I enjoyed myself,” I admitted.

“I’m glad,” Madison said. “Are you going to see him?”

“Yes,” I said. “Maddie, you know you can’t tell anyone about this?”

“Of course,” Madison smiled. “See you in class.”

I left our room and made my way to Dr. Erickson’s office. I knocked on the closed door, and opened it when he invited me to do so. He sat behind his desk in a suit and tie. He brown eyes showed no sign of the hunger I saw in them the night before. The hunger returned as soon as I closed the door behind me. He moved from behind his desk, and closed the distance between us, and pinned me against the door. His mouth took mine, and he tongue licked deep into my mouth. He tasted of coffee. He slid on hand into my hair, and locked the door with the other.

“Dr. Erickson,” I breathed as he trailed hot kisses over the same path he made the night before. “I thought we were going to talk.”

“We are,” he breathed in my ear. He pulled me away from the door and around his desk. He sat in his chair, unzipped his fly, and produced his long hard cock. “Taste me.”

I knelt before him, and licked the tip of his cock. I slid my mouth of his quivering shaft, and sucked gently. Ben groaned and ran his fingers through my hair. I slid my mouth up and down his smooth hard rod. He fisted my hair in his hands and guided my head to a rhythm he preferred. I breathed through my nose to keep from gagging on his engorged flesh. He pushed past my gag reflex and shot a warm stream of salty cum down my throat. He groaned with relief and removed himself from my mouth. He pulled me to my feet, and settled me on his lap.

“Now my darling,” he pressed a soft kiss to my lips. “Let’s discuss the terms of our relationship.”

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