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Rated: E · Poetry · Environment · #2027365
About a Volcano's eruption
A cloud- like Monster devouring the sky,
A car- sized rock, you might well die.
A deep terror threatens to consume you,
Over the trees, the dark ash blew.

Magma, its glow like a blazing rose red,
Its glow from the centre of the Earth's heated bed.
We watch it erupt, hand in hand,
It creates island swith brilliant beaches of sand.

The beautiful old mountain cones,
A decieving, deadly, dangerous zone.
Round the Pacific, the Ring of Fire,
Ash and rock just keep flying higher.

A dormant natural disaster,
Bow down before your sleping master.
Bursting out from the Earth,
Louder than Pitodrie's turf.

Worse than Loki or even Thor,
I am Volcano, hear me ROAR!
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