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February Senior Captain's Power Newsletter
*Starfishp**Starbl**Suitheart*Valentine's Day Edition*Suitheart**Starbl**Starfishp*

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Hello Power Reviewers! *Fishp*

I thought I'd keep most of this newsletter pink and black in celebration of our *Heart* Valentine's Day *Heart* month.

Has the new year been good to you so far? Did you make any New Year's Resolutions?

If your answer is, "No, because every year I make resolutions and I never keep them.", it's never too late to make a fresh start!

A while back when I traveled to Germany, I came across a very inspirational saying. I couldn't find the German words for it, but the English translation is something like this:

*Shock* Fall Down, *Shock*
*Thumbsupl* Get up *Thumbsupr*
*Tiara* Straighten your crown *Tiara*
*Cool* And keep on walking. *Cool*

What will your resolution be? Will it be something big, like writing a novel? Will it be something small, like cleaning out a drawer, or eating at least one vegetable each day? Let us know over at "Superpower Reviewers HUB.

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*Balloon4* Welcome to all of our newest members! It's so great to have you with us.

Also, I'd like to extend another introduction to our newest Power Captains:

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As the start of our new year begins, I'd like to take this moment on behalf of the senior staff, to give sincere thanks to every Power member for your hard work, dedication, donations, and active participation.

Thanks also go out to every one of our terrific captains for running raids, mini challenges, crediting, and all else they do.

Together, we are "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group! *Balloon4*

Speaking of hard work and dedication...Big thanks to all of those who help to keep our shop board, "Invalid Item, as great as it is!
Special thanks to Lornda , ember_rain, eyestar~ , and harperpaul.

Thanks to Captain Pol-Tiggy-st for the crediting of our special pages, and for contributing awesome management ideas.

*Heart* Heartfelt thanks to those of you who have raised gift points for our group through your fundraising efforts. Without YOU, our great group wouldn't be what it is today.
Please continue to remember our group in your fundraising activities. If you never tried this before, well, maybe 2015 will be the year that you do! *Delight*

One more thanks...To Captain Nixie 🐱 , for making anniversary and birthday announcements. The two items - "Invalid Item and "Invalid Item are fantastic! *Starp*

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Review Raid and Shop Changes

Over the next few weeks, please watch for emails from Sr. Captain Lornda .
There will be a few changes at both "Invalid Item and at "Invalid Item.

You will find that the packages will be improved, and some exciting new packages will be added.

Power just keeps getting better and better! *Thumbsup*

There will also be some changes in our review raids. The senior staff and I are still working out some of the details.

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Reviewing News

As usual in my newsletters, I try to add some reviewing tips. I made the following new item:

Reviewing ideas  [E]
Tips on reviewing and for making a template
by Maryann

Some of you have seen that information from me before, but most of our newer members might find it of interest.
It contains a simple template idea, along with tips about reviewing.

In addition, I'd like to talk here for a moment about what the captains and I will be looking for in your reviews...

Keep in mind that the captains will be crediting your reviews based on the 'meat' of it. The writingML will not be counted toward the crediting amount.

Also taken into consideration:

--template headings which are irrelevant to the review which you are doing.
Example: Suggestions - I have no suggestions.
If you have no suggestions, delete that part. It is taking up space for no reason.

-- Excessive quoting of excerpts
The author knows what is in the item. You don't need to copy/paste large amounts of it in their review.
It's perfectly okay to copy/paste part of a sentence to suggest errors or something which might be improved.
It's not a good idea to copy/paste a paragraph, and write something like, "That was nice to read."

--Blank lines
The author will not see the point of leaving unusually large gaps of space here and there throughout the review.
While your review will be more reader friendly with smart spacing, please remember to keep it appropriate.

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Site News

*Blocky* Congratulations to all of our new Preferred Authors! *Blocky*

Keep up to fabulous work!


If you get the chance, stop by and check out kiyasama's item, "White Case Memorial.

My beloved aunt, Dottie , is now highlighted on that item.

Thank you to all of those who wished me well during holiday time, which was, as you might imagine, a tough one for me. I still never got to officially thank all of you individually, but please know that your support and well wishes deeply touched my heart. *Heart*

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February Member Picks

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

In Dreams  [E]
Art. length romance thingy. need constructive criticism, especially to improve dialogue.
by Cheri Annemos

Mignonette's Garden  [E]
What's in those lighted jars anyway?
by Callie hears Angels these days

 Spring Romance  [ASR]
A Dodoitsu celebrating the first day of spring
by Snow Werewolf

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

In Cupid's Garden  [E]
A Rondeau poem
by Gravedigger Dave

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

And please visit:
WDC Power "Out of this World " Raffle  [E]
Welcome to Fortune 17th Round to support the 9 year old POWER Group and NEWBIE WAGON!
by eyestar~

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