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by Jace
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Sometimes resolutions just don't cut it. I'm trying a Writing Bucket List for 2015 on out.
Dear Me,

You’re such an over-achiever wannabe!

Every year you write a Dear Me letter detailing all the goals you want to achieve … emphasis on ‘all.’  And every year you fall short.

You say you’re a Type B personality, rather laid back and easy going. But I don’t think you realize what a Type A personality you are.  You have more interests than the Hydra of Greek mythology.  (Ha.  I'd be surprised if some of those interests aren’t as mythical as that Hydra.)  Those Type A overtones really define you.  The truth be told, I believe you think you’re getting older and have too many things left to do in the limited time remaining.

Being self-employed makes time management for non-work related interests spotty at best. 

*Bullet* Never mind whether a custom project is small or large—your clients want it immediately.  And writing is not your main source of income.

*Bullet* Never mind that your wife just retired and wants to travel more.  Though you love your work and your writing, you must keep peace at home.

*Bullet* Never mind that you achieved a most-desired position of Senior Moderator.  Those duties aren't enough to keep you from reaching your writing goals in life.

Try something you’ve never done before, Jace.  Limit your writing goals to two or three manageable items. 

No wait!  Make it a Bucket List. 

The rules are simple:  Any need, want and desire, whether directly or indirectly related to writing, will be added to a Writing Bucket List.

Listed items will not have deadlines attached to them.  Yet, you'll see them conquered one by one as life's circumstances afford opportunities to complete them.  This list is not only for 2015, but for the rest of your life.  Make it dynamic and comprehensive.  Add to it as desired, but never take away from it.  Other rules will be outlined in the list itself.

Oh, and I took the liberty to brainstorm some items while you were sleeping.  It's a great start for this year. Take a few moments at the start of each month to identify one or two of these worthy items to work on.  Open the following and see what you've been dreaming about:

My Writing Bucket List  (ASR)
An idea borne from my 2015 Dear Me letter. (Updated for 2021)
#445566 by Jace

Remember that procrastination (hmm, maybe that was one of the Hydra's heads) rears its ugly mug later in the day as the more decisions you make each waking hour breaks down the part of your brain leading to impulse actions. Try and accomplish these items early in your day.  If I know one thing about you, Jace, you’re a man who knows how to get things done.

Best of luck on that writing journey, Jace.


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