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An Affinity for Divinity. A Trilogy in Three Parts.
Coming Clean with Godliness
Part 2

Readers might be surprised to learn that I was recently granted a rare sit-down with Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. They agreed to answer a few questions before time constraints forced them to rush off to their next interview. I'll spare you all the introductory social amenities that the three of us exchanged, and get right to a transcript of the brief meeting itself:

Bob: So Al and Isaac, according to you, there had to a Creator to the universe?

Al: Yes, of course.

Isaac: I agree.

Bob: If it were possible to make the universe without a God, what purpose would God Himself fulfill?

Al: Since such a thing is not possible, the question itself is irrelevant.

Isaac: Yes, once again, I quite agree.

Bob: Not to belabor the point, but suppose, just for the sake of argument, that based on new information that neither of you possessed before, that a spontaneous, self-created universe was shown to be theoretically possible.

Al: Aha! So, they finally solved the unified field theory, after all. I always knew it was only a matter of time.

Isaac: Well, if such a thing were possible, then God Himself would be irrelevant.

Bob: And this would be hard for both of you to accept, even if it were true?

Al: Yes, because it would suggest that existence is without a constant, consistent Order. It would mean that the laws of physics are all there are, or ever will be. And we are left with asking not how does a universe exist without God, but why would it?

Bob: Now that's the right question, I believe. It's the one that professor Stephen Hawking says is the only question worth asking.

Isaac: The whole idea is preposterous. Entropy would be chaotic and forever out of balance with the harmony of mathematics.

Al: Come, Isaac. I understand that meeting this Dr. Hawking is next on our agenda.
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