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Review challenge for DWG family group members.


This month when you give 15 quality reviews which are related to "your choice," you will be rewarded with prizes: double gift points, 2 DWG gift shop gold coins. If you give 20 quality reviews for this challenge you will receive double gift point credits, DWG gift shop gift certificate 500 gps, 3 gold coins to share or use for yourself, plus a surprise, no way I'm going to tell *Smile*. ONLY REVIEWS DONE FOR JANUARY WILL BE CREDITED.

You are invited:
To join the fun and challenge for a merit badge by reviewing during
JANUARY. The most helpful and encouraging review will be awarded, quality is important.

All reviews must be affiliated with "disABILITY WRITERS GROUP, have a group signature, or tag stating
the review is from "disABILITY WRITERS GROUP

*Quill* Reviewer must be a DWG, disABILITY WRITERS GROUP MEMBER!

DWG click to join

*Quill* Give 15-20 reviews for this month
*Quill* Post them in the "DWG REVIEW CHALLENGE FORUM: APRILall at one time, DO NOT post single reviews please.
*Quill* We are looking for quality which is important for the writer so that it is known how to improve the item, what is liked or not, or any other information which pertains to your experience or understanding of what you read.
*Quill* Reviews must be of at least 500 characters or more to qualify w/o writingML
*Quill* There may be other prizes and awards pending number of participants AND AVAILABILITY OF RESOURCES.
*Quill* Best review will receive a surprise gift.

all guidelines must be followed or reviews will be disqualified. All decisions are
final. Any disputes will result in disqualification and another winner will be

Post all reviews all at one time, in our forum found here below:
Post reviews for this challenge.
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Reviewing and writing work together and result in better word art, reading and reviewing skills.
Safe travels and may blessings.
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