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Whoops! Sherry mistakenly appears at the wrong meeting.
         Nervously, Sherry lingered briefly just inside the open classroom door. She scanned the brightly lit space noticing the coloured posters tacked up on the wall. Her eyes lingered on the big black-numbered clock and as she realized she wasn't late, she remembered her childhood school rooms having the same timepiece mounted high above the windows. This reassured Sherry and she purposefully strode to a tiny desk.
         After a bit of wiggling, she found herself successfully wedged into the primary furniture. She didn't recall the desks being so low to the floor. She was forced to stretch her legs out in front. When she'd been an elementary student her teacher wouldn't have permitted this. Her purse and binder barely fit on the desk's worn top. Looking around, Sherry smiled at the other "mature" women squeezed into their own tight spots.
         Being new to the community, she didn't see any familiar faces. This was why she was here; to meet people and get a feel for this town. Browsing through the local paper, she'd been intrigued by the announcement of tonight's meeting. Sherry was putting herself out there; ready to become involved.
         With a sigh, she reached into her purse and pulled out her treat for the day, a chocolate cupcake. Suddenly, Sherry was being pulled roughly from her desk and hustled to the door between two very large women. They shrieked at her, "Don't bring that in here!" Bewildered, she could see a blurred poster with the letters' TOPS'. Somehow, she had wandered into a meeting for 'Take Off Pounds Sensibly', NOT her intended meeting for 'TAPS'; 'Talk About Personal Safety'. 273 words (inspired by a Daily Flash Fiction prompt)
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