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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Contest · #2030949
Composed in response to the prompt,"I can't find it anywhere";a common mother refrain.
         Susan, operating on just three hours sleep, was frantically pulling open every cupboard door and drawer in her kitchen. With bleary eyes, she searched the nooks and crannies. She'd already ransacked the family room and tossed her bedroom, with no luck. Thinking to herself that it couldn't have just walked away, she muttered, out loud, "I can't find it anywhere."
          She was startled by a chorus of three wee voices asking, "Find what, Mommy?" As her pulse returned to normal, Susan answered automatically with her one phrase that was meant to brook no explanation, "I've lost my mind." She returned to her search.
         Apparently, the kids wanted to help and they offered suggestions.
         "What does it look like?"
          "Is it in your purse?"
         "Maybe Daddy has it."
          "Ask the dogs. They must've chewed it."
         "There's stuff under Conner's bed."
         "Just get a new one."
          "I found popcorn in the couch."
         Not to be out done by her siblings, Susan's youngest announced with a broad flourish of her hand, "Here it is, Mommy!" Peeking over the counter, Susan spied the object of her intense dismantling of the house. "Where did you find it, sweet girl?" The little one just shrugged. After a bit of coaxing, she admitted that she'd taken the cell phone to make a call. She wanted to order a new mind for her Mommy because she was always losing her old one.(inspired by a Daily Flash Fiction prompt)
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2030949-A-MOM-LOSES-HER-MIND