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Raichu get back from the city and is still as hungry as ever. Frequent Updates
It's been a few days since Raichu's raid at the grocery store. Now Raichu was back in the forest just resting in the small clearing in the forest. He was also still pretty big being still over 500lbs. As Raichu was laying on his back with his larged to feel some e belly sticking out, he started to feel some vibration from his stomach. Surprising, it wasn't his belly grumbling, but two Pichus bounching on his belly like a trampoline.

"Weeeeeee!!!!!!" The two Pichus shouted.
"H....hey! Get off!" Raichu said waking up to see the two chu jumping on him.
"But your belly is so big and bounchy." Said one of the Pichus.
"Yeah! So bounchy." Said the other Pichu.
"I said GET OFF!!!!!!" Raichu shouted.
"Fine." Said the Pichus a little dissappointed.

The Pichu slowly slide down off of Raichu belly to the ground. See, Raichu and the two Pichus know each other. The two Pichus are brothers and they also know about Raichu's voricous appetite. But they were surprised when Raichu came back with the size he is now.

"We still can't believe you ate so much and the size you are now." Said Pichu A.
"Better believe it. My stomach can compete with the best." Said Raichu patting his stomach. "I'm plan to get this belly of mine bigger soon."
"How come you didn't just stay at the city?" Pichu B said.
"I pretty sure humans aren't fond of pokemon who empties out most of a store." Raichu said. "The last thing I want to do is get caught or force to lose this weight."
"But it's not like it was easy to get food here." Pichu B said.
"*sign* You're right about that. I barely ate much yesterday and I need a lot to fill this up." Raichu said.

As Raichu daydream about eating a bunch food getting fatter. He heard some chewing sounds. It was one of the Pichus eating a berry.

"Huh? Where did you get that?" Raichu asked.
"Ummm.......you mean this?" Pichu A said hesitating.
"Yeah! The Oran Berry. Where did you get it?" Raichu asked again.
"Guess we should tell him bro." Pichu B said.
"The two of us found this huge area with a load of berries." Pichu A said.
"A HUGE load of berries." Pichu B said.
"How come you didn't tell me?" Raichu said a little ticked.
"Cause if we told you where......."
"You would just eat every berry leaving none left."
"No I wouldn't." Raichu lied know he most likely would. "And even if I did, they would still grow back, right?"
"Well.....yeah but......"
"Just show me where. Please?" Raichu pleaded.
"Fine......." Said both Pichus.

The three were on their way to where the Pichus found the berries. It would take a while, but to Raichu it would be all worth it. After a while, the Pichus and Raichu made it to the berry patch. Several bushes had berries in them. Not just Oran berries, but Cheri berries, Pecha berries, Aspear, Sitrus, and many more.

"Woah! So many berries!" Raichu said smiling and drooling a bit.
"See. I knew you would be happy about this." Pichu B said.
"Just try not to eat them all. Okay, Raichu?" Pichu A said.

But as he was saying that, Raichu was already stuffing a few pecha berries in his mouth. The Pichus signed knowing that there was a slight chances that no berries will be lift after Raichu was on. So Raichu was just finishing the pecha berry bush but still wanted more. So he moved on to the next bush with some cheri berries, than the next bush with mago berries. Than the bush after that and the berries after that. The Pichus watched as Raichu belly got bigger and bigger.
After a while, there were only a few bushes with berries left and Raichu had gained an extra 250lbs. So now Raichu was 750lbs.

"Hehe! I'm getting closer and closer to being the size of a Snorlax." Raichu said patting his belly.
"Wow. You sure you aren't that now?" Pichu A said.
"I'm sure. That and I want to get even bigger than that." Raichu said.
"How much bigger?" Pichu B asked.
"As big as possible." Raichu said. "No matter what it takes."

As Raichu said that, he was about to take a bite of a red and spiky like berry.

"WAIT!!!" Both Pichus shouted to warn Raichu. But he already took a bite of it.
"What?" Raichu said.
"That's an.....tamato berry." The Pichus said.
"A...tamato berry?" Raichu said.

Tamato berries to most pokemon are EXTREMELY HOT and EXTREMELY SPICY. Once Raichu realized that, his face turned red and his mouth blow out fire.

"HOT! HOT!" Raichu shouted.

Raichu ran fast to try to find some water. He finds a small lake and starts drinking a few of it. He drinks enough to feel better, but as he does, something got into his mouth. It was the nozzle of a Kingdra. An angry Kingdra.

"Uh....hi?" Raichu said nervously to the Kingdra in his mouth.

Angry, Kingdra used Hydro Pump and blasted it directly into Raichu. Raichu was now being inflated with water by the Kingdra. Raichu was freaking out a bit, but with Kingdra using Hydro Pump on him, he was now getting bigger. He swelled up more and more. After a while, Kingdra stopped and went back into the water. Leaving the overly bloated Raichu to lay on the ground in his back bloated with water.

"Ugh! So....much...water." Raichu said.

The Pichus then came by.

"Are you ok?" Pichu A said.
"I'm....fine....ish." Raichu saided looking a little sick.
"At least you are now a lot bigger now." Pichu B said.
"I can't really enjoy it like this." Raichu said.

Feeling too bloated for anything, Raichu decided to say on the ground and rest for the whole day.

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