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The Other lives we have already lived
Sara stood alone on the subway platform, her petite frame casting a long shadow across the dirty concrete floor. The paper thin gray coat she was wearing, was no match for the bone chilling cold.She rubbed her hands together vigorously, and shifted from foot to foot, trying to keep them from going numb.

Where the heck was that train she wondered. This was the third time this week that it was late. She walked to the platform edge stopping just in front of the yellow safety line, and peered down the sparsely lit tunnel, hoping to see the familiar lights of the train rumbling down the tracks. Seeing no sign of it, Sara decided that a cab might be a better option. She reached into her purse, and fished around for her phone.

Sara never saw it coming, she had no time to react. A violent shove from behind, launched her forward, sending her spiraling, head first off the platform. She screamed in terror, grasping for something, anything to stop her from smashing onto the steel tracks below, but her flailing arms found nothing but empty air.

With a sickening thump, She landed on her back, hard, and mercifully blacked out.

When Sara's eyes finnaly fluttered open, her head was pounding and her mind was cloudy, and confused. She struggled to remember how she had ended up lying on the ground, but the angry pain in her head refused to relinquish its secrets. Bit by bit the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place.Tidbits of what had happened began to filter through the fog....The train....It was late....again. Dam she cursed trying to get to her feet.. I can't miss that train. I have an important appointment this morning. She rolled onto her side, and pushed herself up on to her knees. A wave of nausea rushed over her and Sara found herself doubled over fighting off the urge to throw up. A terrible memory came rushing back. Sara now realized that she had been intentionaly pushed off the subway platform.

My God, she gasped Someone tried to kill me.....

Sara moved herself into a sitting position. "Something's wrong here, " she said out loud. Sara took a good look around, nothing was as it should be.

She was not in a train station. She was sitting beside a river, lined with large oak trees, and the sun in this place was hot. She recalled being in the subway, where, it was freezing cold. How in God's name had she ended up in this place she wondered. She had no idea what or where this place was..

Sara was starting to feel the effects the warm sun.. She pushed herself up onto her hands and knees, fighting a new wave of nausea and pain that made her feel shaky and unsteady.

Slowly she crawled to the river's edge, and splashed her face in the tepid water.

Welcome back, Sara was startled to hear a voice other than her own. You have many questions I'm sure. She looked up and saw a shimmering, ethereal figure standing on the far shore. Was this, an angel, am I dead? Sara wondered. A sense of overwhelming sadness and loss overtook her and a flood of tears streamed down her face.

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