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by Dave L
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1,000s of seniors die every day. What questions should they be asked before they die?
Friends and relatives,

They say 1000 world war II veterans die every day.  That is a lot of history that is being lost.  Here are a few questions for you.  Give this to your kids or grandkids.  Tell them to come up with their own questions and you will answer by writing, tape recording, or video taping.  Pass this list of questions along to others in your email list.  That way we can keep and preserve our OWN history.

1.  Did you know your grandparents?  What were their names?  What were they like?  Where did they come from?  Where have your parents lived?
2.  Did your parents or grandparents have electricity, plumbing, phones, and air conditioning?
3.  Were cars around when grandparents were growing up?  What was your first car?  Did you
own a horse?  What type of job did grandparents have?
4.  Where did you live?  What was it like living there? Did you travel a lot with your family?
5.  What holiday traditions did your family have?  What did you pass on to us?
6.  What was the best advice your parents or grandparents ever give you?
7.  What are your best memories of holidays, birthdays, etc.?  What happened on those days?
8.  Did we have any relatives in WW I or WW II, or any other conflict?  If so, who are they?
9.  Do you remember where you were when Pearl Harbor was bombed, D-day, VE and VJ days, when Kennedy was killed, when the pope was shot, when Reagan was shot?  What was the mood on those days?
10.  Who was the best president in your lifetime?  Why?
11.  What story from your parents or grandparents do you like?  Would you pass it on to us?
12.  What new technology transformed your life?
13.  What was your favorite game as a child?
14.  What do you enjoy doing as a hobby?
15.  What advice do you have for your children and grandchildren?  What is the most important thing you want to say to them?
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