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by RedAce
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A Young Girl Grows To Godzilla Size!
Warning: DO NOT COMMISSION FROM 7....7 as he took my points and never finished this story. He gave me reasons, but shouldn't have taken my points if it was such a problem.

My commission from 7....7 - http://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/view/7....7

(Note: Canceled...)

It had been an average day for the average girl. That is, until she somehow grew to huge proportions, as well as being extremely busty. Several people looked up at this hot, sexy giantess, and traffic was at a standstill. The girl was only 15, yet she now stood 85 feet tall. She was trying to not to step on something, but the increasing crowd wasn't helping. A police helicopter came near, unsure of what to do, when it accidentally slammed into the girl. She fell over, her giant boobs crushing a building before her.

Natsumi was watching the movie with great interest. The movie was titled "Girlzilla", and was of course about a teenage girl growing to huge sizes. As she was watching, Natsumi felt pity for the girl. How awful it would be to be that big! Well, at least that is what she thought. If she were that big...
Natsumi shuddered at the thought, then looked over at her older sister Hanako. She seemed to be enjoying the movie a lot, seemingly to the point where she wanted to be the girl growing in the movie. Natsumi didn't know why Hanako would ever want to be that big, but she didn't really care, either. Natsumi was 12, and tomorrow was her birthday, when she would be turning 13. Hanako, however, was 15, a few years older. Also watching the movie was their friend Maggie, who was also 13. They had met a few years back, and it was Maggie's idea to watch the movie. So all three watched the movie, unaware of what was going on outside.


Outside the house was a floating disc-shaped object. It was coated with a special material that caused light to bend around it. Inside, some strange creatures were scurrying around. To describe their biology would take far too long, so we'll just call them "aliens". They had come from a far away galaxy, sent here to observe the humans on the planet. They were almost done with their surveillance, and they were getting bored. Then one of the aliens noticed the movie that the girls were watching. Smirking, the alien got an idea...


Soon the movie was almost over. At that moment, Natsumi noticed a green flash in the corner of her eye. Looking over, she noticed that it was coming from Hanako. Hanako didn't seem to notice she was glowing. And just like that, the glowing stopped. Natsumi looked over in confusion, when she felt a strange tingling feeling throughout her body. She looked down at her hand, and saw that she was now glowing. What was going on? Before she could ask Maggie or Hanako what was going on, the glowing stopped. Natsumi just shrugged, and continued watching the movie. The three girls were very interested in the ending of the movie.

The movie ended, and the three girls got up. Natsumi was fairly short, only 3'4", but she liked being that small. It was harder to notice a short person. Hanako was quite a bit taller, at 4'8", and Maggie, who just went through a growth spurt recently, was about 4'9". However, tonight, Maggie looked shorter. It couldn't be that Natsumi had grown; when Natsumi looked at Maggie compared to Hanako, Hanako was the same height. Either Maggie had shrunk, or Natsumi and Hanako had both grown... Natsumi shuddered at that idea.

"So, Natsumi, what did you think of the movie?" asked Maggie.

"I felt really bad for that girl. It must've been horrible being that big and getting that much attention!" Natsumi said.

"Pfft. I'd love to be the girl in the movie! So much attention, such a beautiful, sexy body. If I were like that, my life would be perfect!" said Hanako, showing off her C-cup breasts a little.

"And you know what, Natsumi? When you hit puberty, you might grow that big! And I'll join you!"

This idea really freaked Natsumi out, so she ran to her room, and jumped into her bed, not noticing how her clothes didn't seem to fit anymore.


After a long night's sleep, Natsumi woke up. She was excited, because today was her 13th birthday! She was excited she was growing older, but not very excited at all about growing bigger. She got up, and walked outside of her room, straight into her sister Hanako's breasts. Natsumi quickly jumped back.

"Hanako! W-w-why do you not have any clothes on?" Natsumi said.

Hanako liked to tease her sister with her body, for two reasons - one, she knew how much Natsumi would hate to have a body like that, due to how much attention one gets from it, and two, because she liked the attention from Natsumi.

"Oh, I don't know. My bra doesn't fit me this morning, so I'd thought I might as well show you how much attention you'll get when you're older!"

"Hanako! Please leave me alone!" said Natsumi, scared about the idea of growing.

"Sure, whatever. I'm going to go talk to mom about getting some new bras. See you later." Hanako said.

Natsumi noticed that Hanako's breasts did seem a little bigger than yesterday; maybe she was going through another growth spurt.If Hanako was going through another growth spurt, Natsumi wished that Hanako would have her growth spurt as well. Sure, if it somehow came true, Hanako might be well over six feet tall, but at least Natsumi would be short. Hanako would love the attention, and Natsumi would be happy because she wouldn't be noticed.

However, Natsumi noticed that her shirt didn't seem to fit as well. Natsumi worried for a moment that she had grown, but then figured she must've been wearing wrong. At that moment, Natsumi and Hanako's mom came in.

"What were you girls thinking when you decided to watch this?" their mom said angrily, holding "Girlzilla" in her hand. "You know you're not old enough to watch this movie! Especially an R-rated movie!"

"Oh, come on, mom! Natsumi sees me naked enough I didn't think it would really matter." Hanako said.

"I told you that you shouldn't be doing that! And why aren't you wearing any clothes right now?"

"My bra didn't fit this morning."

"Well, at least put a T-shirt on!"

Hanako grumbled and went back to her room.

Natsumi just apologized greatly to her mom, and that was that. Hanako came back, and her nipples were poking through the fabric of the white t-shirt she was wearing.

Later that day...

It was time for Natsumi's party. Their family had a pool in the backyard, and so Natsumi thought it would be fun to have a pool party. She put on a pink one-piece swimsuit, but for some reason it felt a little tight. Natsumi just ignored it. Her sister, Hanako, was wearing a red bikini she got two days ago because it fit her perfectly, but now Hanako was struggling to get it to fit. When she did, her breasts looked like they wanted to burst out of her top.

Soon enough, people started to arrive at Natsumi's pool. Several of Natsumi's classmates from school were there, including Maggie. Hanako went and scolded Maggie for her movie choice.

Natsumi got her favorite inner tube and jumped into the pool. She liked how she was able to fit in her inner tube; had she been any bigger, she wouldn't have fit.

Natsumi knew that the time she had been born on the day of her birth had been 2:15 P.M., and it was now 2:14. Natsumi was excited that she was almost thirteen, but she felt something... strange. Her heart was pounding, a little more than it normally would when she was excited. She felt a strange tingling throughout her body. And just like that, it happened.

Natsumi felt the plastic of her inner tube rub against her, and when she tried to readjust, she found out she couldn't. Natsumi tried and tried, but she was now stuck! She started to call for some help, but the other kids started to notice her predicament, and then began laughing at her. Natsumi's face was red, embarrassed at the situation she was now in. Her mom quickly got her out of the pool, and went in her house, where Hanako joined them. Natsumi's mom deflated the inner tube, and now Natsumi was free.

Natsumi was glad for a moment, but then something scared her for a moment. There was a snap. At first Natsumi was worried and that she had grown and her swimsuit had snapped, but Natsumi turned around only to see that Hanako's bikini top had snapped off, her breasts looking swollen. With another snap, Hanako's bikini bottom snapped off as well, leaving her naked.

Natsumi breathed a sigh of relief, glad she wasn't growing, but then she realized just how tight her swimsuit was. Before she could say anything, her swimsuit tore open, leaving Natsumi very embarrassed.

"What is happening to my children?!?" Natsumi's mom said worryingly.

"Mom! I definitely need to go to the store now. None of my bras will even fit anymore!" Hanako said, holding her boobs in her hands.

Natsumi was freaking out. She was growing! Growing a bit too fast! This was one of Natsumi's worst nightmares come true. Hopefully she would just stop growing soon...

PART 3: Never coming because 7....7 screwed me over...
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