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Some words about relationships - 28 Lines

                                                                                                                                                28 Lines

Between the hours and the minutes

Between the darkness and the light

Between memories that have faded

And the ones you'll make tonight

Between happiness and loneliness

And other things you fear

Between the loving and indifference

And things you hold as dear

Between everything you've ever known

And things you've yet to learn

Between all the things you worry 'bout

And those of no concern

Between what's fact and fiction

Between the truth and lies

Is a delicate sense of balance

Based on simple compromise

Between the pain of finding ecstasy

And the ecstasy of pain

Where the soul lies in the balance

Like a rainbow after rain

Between all that and maybe more

That is where you'll find me

Like a shelter from the storm

Like a giant redwood tree

So when you're caught in between

And it seems you've lost your charms

I know a place where you can go

Right here, between my arms

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