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Did you ever wonder what a blind man's dreams are like?
There are 30 lines in this poem


I wonder what a blind man sees
When he lies down to take some zzz's
Is it possible for him to dream
About the things he has not seen
Can he picture a real sunset
If he has not seen one yet
When his visions are unfurled
Are they dark like his real world
If everything is one big blur
What kind of dreams would then occur

But what if sight was not required
And dreams are spiritually inspired
I hope that this is indeed the fact
For dreams are what makes us react
And dreams are what gives us hope
And without hope we could not cope
Cause life can be a pain in the ass
It will cut you up like broken glass
Or it can be a wondrous thing
With all the pleasures it can bring

It's dreams that get you through the day
So you can hang, come out OK
A dream will give you all you need
To overcome and to succeed
It's dreams that make life worth livin'
That's the truth, it is a given
So even those who've lost their sight
Should have a chance to dream at night
Someday I'm sure I'll find out
What a blind man dreams about

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