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The nature of reality is both more and less than what we can expect to find or understand.
Split Decisions

To think in terms of the humanities, examples of which include literature, philosophy, music and other fine arts, as being separate from the sciences, is to divisively misinterpret the very nature of existence itself.

Only the bicameral, sentient brain, seemingly unique to humans, perceives a universe made comprehensible by virtue of its varied characteristics, of its specialized attributes. As if mind, memory, and imagination could be studied from samples of brain tissue smeared on a microscope slide.

The old proverb that warns against judging a book by its cover takes on new meaning when considered as a comment about the human condition. Imagine a single book for which literally thousands, even millions of interchangeably different covers exist. Consider browsing through a virtual catalogue of the same book, that contains all the volume’s myriad covers, on display, page after page. It would be important to note how, among the pictured list of varied bindings, relatively few can actually be accessed, viewed, and appreciated, let alone judged by human eyes. Such is the true nature of the invisible universe that surrounds us, where only a tiny portion is perceptible to our very limited eyesight and other senses.

In addition, our judgment of even those few covers that we assessed, is skewed by both biological necessity and cultural indoctrination. A form of controlled, cooperative insanity exists and prevails because nearly every person on the globe shares the same hallucinations. Shares the same misperceptions of the whole. Everyone sees the same incompleteness and therefore judges it complete.

In a Cosmos composed of the very large and the extremely small, what is the frame of reference by which one might be discerned from the other? Are there limits to either? Are both size and mass infinite in all directions and all manners of measurement? Due to a seeming lack of cosmological nonsense, and in the absence of any absurd defiance of basic, scientific laws, a tantalizing answer is suggested. That the mass of something is what it is, because it cannot be other than what it is. The rational logic of seeming gibberish.

Black Holes persist as the greatest of all mysteries. They represent entirely new frontiers, governed by new rules and new laws that may indeed defy previous rules and prior laws of existence. Far more significant than the individual characteristics of Black Holes (sometimes called Collapsars) is the fact that such things exist at all. They may well represent precisely the kind of deviant, non-Newtonian, non-Einsteinian realms that hint at the overall inconsistent state of reality itself. So much so, that living things take on added value, increased importance, and supreme relevance.
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