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Recent events from slavery to freedom. On being a good and faithful steward according to-
How would you feel? What would you do?

For many, many years the pain was out of control. My energy level was at an extreme low most of the time. My abilities to read, write, and function each day effectively and efficiently required much concentration, dealing with slow progress, and often were not achieved on a daily bases. The worst part about all of this was the mathematical mis readings, writings, and other mistakes I made as I worked to my best or not so best ability to keep my finances straight and the bank statement balanced. The horror of it all!

Briefly for readers who are just getting to know me...

I have multiple disabilities--vision loss, hearing loss, mobility challenges (use a power wheelchair) and manual dexterity challenges, plus a laundry list of other medical issues. I've been legally blind since birth because I was premature and placed into an incubator. At that time it was a very huge deal to be 6 weeks early. Many babies who were premature were treated this way because without the medical devices which kept them alive they would not survive. In the modern times had I been born, I wouldn't have been placed into an incubator with a very high oxygen content because it was discovered a year after my birth that the high oxygen levels were the cause of vision loss and other disabilities.

Years later I was hurt on the job and am no longer able to tune and repair pianos. I still have trouble with the wrist injury.

I was hit by a huge white Cadillac convertible, when the car was at a stop. For some reason the driver moved forward even though there was rush hour traffic and I was right in front of them. The trauma from this accident caused a domino effect of medical issues which are unfortunately cumulative and additive. For example I have herniated discs in my neck at C5 and C6. Recently I was informed that I now have herniated discs at C6, C6, and C7. Now that you have an idea of my situation, we should move forward a bit and consider other events.
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