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Another Jane Austen Newsletter. This one includes Easter in Jane's time.
Jane Austen March 2015 Newsletter
Editor: Megan Princess Megan Rose
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Hi Everyone. Welcome to another Jane Austen Newsletter. I decided to do one this month. I am in a Jane Austen mood. Minya ~Minja~ sent me a beautiful Jane Austen Tea Pot and tea cups from The Jane Austen Shop. If you get a chance, go on line and check out The Jane Austen Shop. They have some neat stuff. I love my tea pot and tea cups I got. I help judge Minya's Victorian Writing Contest and I would love to have you check it out as well. She bought me the Jane Austen Tea Set for helping with her contest. Big hugs and thank you!

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I can across this interesting information. Twelve years after Jane Austen's death, Cassandra told her niece Caroline Austen that they had met a gentleman one summer when they were in Devonshire. Jane and the gentleman had taken a liking to each other but he left and later they heard he had died. Poor Jane had lost another suitor. Seems like Jane didn't have a lot of suitors and wrote her romances of the romances that she would have liked to had.

England is having a debate of who should be "Queen Of English Letters." Jane Austen or Emily Bronte? Jane Austen had seven novels published and Emily Bronte just had "Wuthering Heights." Jane should win without a doubt. Emily doesn't have the popularity Jane has. I love "Wuthering Heights" but I don't know of any Emily Bronte Shops or groups like Jane has. There are three different movies of "Wuthering Heights" but Jane has movies about all her books. So, why the debate? Jane Austen wins without a doubt. Team Jane or Team Emily? Like "Twilight" Team Edward or Team Jacob? With me, Jacob and Jane. I was on Edward's team later but I will stay with Jane and not go to Emily's team. Readers?

Mob Caps

Jane Austen made these mob caps. The mob cap is round, gathered or pleated cloth {usually linen} bonnet consisting of a caul to cover the hair, a frilled or ruffled brim and often a ribbon band worn by married women in the Georgian period when it was called a bonnet. The bonnet became a high a high fashion item as part of simple country clothing. It was an indoor fashion and Nurses and people of all classes wore them. Jane was known to make these and I have a Mrs. Claus cap I wear at Christmas made of red velvet. I think it would be neat to wear these bonnets al the time. My Grandma had a white nylon caul cap she wore to Church every Sunday.

I read up on Jane Austen's Easter. Jane may have dyed eggs but with her father being a Clergy Man, she probably just read her book of prayers and went to Church on Easter. Jane's letters does talk about eating ham or lamb on Easter. She and her family would travel to friends or go visit her brothers in their homes. No rabbits or candy for Jane's Easter holiday but I would like to think she did have candy and rabbits as pets at Easter.

Jane wrote in "Pride and Prejudice" that Darcy's cousin went to Lady Catherine's for an Easter celebration with Darcy and his sister Georgiana.

"Emma" is now a graphic comic book. I am not sure if this a good idea. I like the original story. We should leave it at this.

I still read continued books about Jane's characters. Does Emily's Wuthering Heights characters have books about Heathcliff, Catherine after all these years?

This is all I have. I do hope you will visit these forums. Any ideas for the Jane Austen Group, please let me know. Be back in two months with another newsletter. I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter.
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