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Darleen is left alone with her chips after a long day at work.
         Sighing heavily, Darleen plopped onto her worn recliner. As she ratcheted up the foot rest, she stole a glance at her swollen ankles. "It was one hell of a day," she complained to the empty livingroom. "I'm more than happy it's behind me."
          Huffing and puffing, Darleen reached for the television remote waiting on a scarred table next to her. As the screen brightened and filled the dingy room with a blue glow, she anticipated an evening of uninterrupted viewing. She was immediately annoyed by a series of commercials featuring beautiful people smiling through gym workouts. Not a glossy hair was out of place. She didn't see so much as a bead of shiny sweat on the perfect skin before her. "Yeah, right. Where's the wedgies?"
          Darleen wiped her own perspiring brow and attempted to smooth the wrinkled shirt straining against her ample stomach. Grunting, she strained to pull an aluminum-foil bag from the table top. Settling once again in her sagging chair, Darleen tore open the flimsy package of potato chips. "This is all your fault, " she grumbled, as she bit into her first fist-full.
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