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A world of untold horrors and unimaginable machines. It's Lovecraft meets Steampunk!
Horrors from the deepest sea
And big, ancient machines
Mystic spirits have been freed
By gods haunting your dreams

Ghouls and demons in the dark
And skulls which way you look
A workshop that’s alight with sparks
Forbidden lore in books

Pirates in the highest skies
Fighting cosmic beasts
Piercing are their screams and cries
As heard by hooded priests

Prophecies and daring tales
Rituals and spells
Darkened skies and flying whales
A graveyard’s tolling bells

The stars are right, the ghouls awake
The clockwork slowly turns
The air is heavy, the earth shakes
As old evils return

It’s darkness and it’s mystery
It’s ancient and yet new
It’s never-happened history
It’s gods and ghosts and screws
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