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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Fantasy · #2035973
Vore scene from an abandoned macrophilia story.
I wrote a rough draft of this forever ago on a whim. Surprised by how much I liked it, I tried to develop a story around it, but the plot was littered with holes, and I gave up. However I really liked this scene and I updated it to include plot points that would have been present in the completed version so it's not too confusing as a stand alone.

Enough from me though! Here's the story bit part!


Grant glared as Joseph leisurely strolled along the room’s perimeter. A large screen flickered on, showing Grant’s face. He recognized the formal attire, which was unusual for him. It was an image from when he had dinner earlier that week as a cover to scout Joseph’s restaurant.

Joseph smiled. “Do you see that there?” he taunted, pointing at Grant’s fork. Grant scoffed, before he started focusing on the minuscule speck Joseph had his finger trained on. Something about that speck didn’t seem normal.

Let’s zoom in!” Joseph said happily and the scene quickly enlarged. Suddenly the speck became a person.

“Cade!” Grant gasped, struggling against his binds. Joseph let out a mocking whoop. “Congratulations! You figured it out!” he sneered, “But let’s watch my favorite part!”

Without warning the video started playing. Grant could hear his voice, magnified to a deafening level. It made Cade’s screams near inaudible.

Grant’s eyes began to tear up as he witnessed Cade’s pleas and shouts accompanied by frantic waving. None off it had any effect. The backdrop to his agony was Grant’s own stubble lined neck. Grant recoiled as the massive Adam’s apple bobbed, clearly visible.

The fork of food jolted upwards in unison with a howl of defiance from Cade. “no…” Grant whispered as he started to cry. On the screen he could see what must have been his lips, only at a grotesque close up. They soon parted revealing a wall of white teeth that also separated. Grant’s tongue slid out of his mouth like a mythical beast.

Grant remembered he had been having that chicken pasta, it had been really good. He watched in disgust as his tongue seemed to grow unimaginably long. “That’s merely my mouth?” he imagined in shock. A sheen of saliva gleamed on the tongue where the various food debris wasn’t covering it. He could see thick strands of saliva stretching between the undulating tongue and the jagged teeth.

Cade let out a sudden screech “GRANT!!!” Grant watched as his whole mouth went still as if in reaction. It gave him time to take in the whole scene, the chunks of pasta and chicken littered across his tongue. His long uvula swaying over the darkness of the throat. He remembered that, he had heard that strange noise and it got him to pause, but when he couldn’t figure out what it was he-

“NO!” Grant yelled in unison with Cade’s recorded voice. The forkful of food was pushed onto the mouth with the retreating tongue. With a metallic shing, the fork was pulled between the lips. Clean. Grant whimpered as his massive jaw rose and fell, occasionally his lips parted to reveal a pile of soggy chewed food. Without warning there was a gulping noise followed by a gusting sigh.

“Just stop…” Grant begged, unable to tear his eyes away. “Oh there’s more!” Joseph said almost gleefully.

Mere seconds after swallowing the food, Grant’s mouth popped open and he let a booming burp rip. Grant started crying again, as his massive mouth on screen widened into laughter. He had just eaten his little brother and all he did was burp and laugh! “Not so fast!” came Joseph’s voice. Grant gasped. Amongst the chunks of food spread across the bouncing tongue was a wriggling speck. Cade had survived!

“No wait!” Grant shouted as his laughter subsided and his jaws slowly closed. He stared at his lips on screen where they were surrounded by a well-trimmed stubble. Beyond his clean cut face, beyond his perfectly straight and white teeth was a mess of chewed food and his little brother. And yet he was so casual on screen. He didn’t even know that he had nearly devoured his only brother!

Grant poked his tongue around his mouth. Was Cade still there?

His heart sank as the fork returned, yet again loaded with a bite of food. It casually hovered just in front of the lips. Grant knew what happened next. He had had no indication of the drama unfolding literally under his nose. Without the slightest clue of his minuscule brother trapped amonst food scraps clinging to his tongue, Grant had done what anyone else would have done: he kept eating.

His lips parted and again his tongue streamed out of his mouth. This time he spotted Cade halfway between a shiny chunk of pasta and a drenched pile of pulverized chicken. Quickly the food entering the mouth smothered him and Grant stared as he watched himself carelessly chew the bite of food. A surprise hiccup gets his maw to open suddenly. Revealed in the light is a disgusting sight of chewed food smeared all over the mouth hanging from the roof and teeth. Grant grimaces as his lips purse shut and there’s a gulp. The following sigh turns into a yawn.

The mouth is revealed again, the soggy chewed chunks of food have shifted. No matter how hard Grant looks, he can’t find Cade. As the mouth shuts Grant knows that Cade didn’t make it…

“THIS FOOD IS DELICIOUS” booms the onscreen Grant, a couple chunks of food go flying out of the mouth unnoticed. With a laugh Joseph pauses the video.

Beautiful!” he says with a sinister smile. Grant however stares at the floor. How could he be so careless? He had so casually devoured his younger brother as part of a meal. Subjected him to torture within the disgusting mess of chewed food inside his cavernous mouth. How did he not notice? Why hadn’t he looked closer when he heard that strange noise, Cade’s final plea for aid?
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2035973