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The strange properties of light offer tantalizing clues as to the nature of reality.

One of the more humbling realizations, plenty of which abound, about life and the universe, is how little we actually know about either. To question the meaning of life is to concurrently ponder the meaning of everything. Our lives do not exist as separate from the furthermost star hurtling through the outermost region of the cosmos. Something ties both together. Ties all together. Some common thread, some single origin or characteristic. Some single dimension or plane of existence. Inside our body exists some portion of an atom or particle that was, at one time, united with material that now composes something at the most distant edge of the universe. The conscious mind reels at the prospect of such a truth.

A strong argument can also be proffered as to the existence of a multitude of different dimensions. The term, dimension, is meant to describe adjacent or overlapping realms of reality that incorporate uniquely consistent and coherent qualities distinct from our own. Just as a plethora of TV channels and radio station signals pass unseen through the air in the form of invisible light waves or frequencies, multiple reality shells, likely spherical in nature, could conceivably coexist among one another.

All light waves merge and overlap, yet maintain their individual integrity. The human realm of existence is only one type of tuner, a single channel selection on a remote control that contains an unknown but probably immense number of choices. In one or more ways, in large or small degrees, each dimension is slightly but significantly out-of-sync, each with the other, hence an unawareness, each of the other.

Two things cannot normally share the same space. Matter and anti-matter, negative matter and negative energy repulse, cancel, extinguish and annihilate one another, similar to how the same poles of separate magnets seem to interact, each against the other. Yet light, in its many machinations, with its full spectrum of colors, appears quite able to simultaneously occupy mutual, identical space. In much the same way, different reality shells--planes of existence--might fill the same areas. But more than parallel, more than alongside or between. And not as true levels or planes. Within, without, through, among, and of, are probably more accurate descriptions.

No apparent reasons are evident for why such a system of tier-like planes does or does not exist. A few indications, though meager and subtle, seem to hint at some form of universal dimensional “frames”. Examples such as Black Holes may offer clues and tease us with suggestions of differing realities. Places and spaces where time flows at different rates.

Where such variances could be of so great an extent as to represent fantastic and bizarre states of being, utterly alien, incomprehensible, undetectable to both human senses and sensibilities.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2036478