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by Mindy
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Relationship · #2037642
Molly's family changed really fast, but she has an idea to make it better again.
          My family was really close then Kelly the oldest went on her first date, John the second oldest fell in love with a senior, James the youngest found his first crush, and my twin sis Melanie found true love at first sight, at least that's what she thinks. And then there's me Molly the unique one in my family's eyes. My mom Patricia, and my dad Luke, haven't been spending time with us more like going out every weekend. Everything changed ever since I became a ghost....

          The night was very dark I was the only one in the house everyone was with their "true love" while I watched a scary movie at midnight. When the movie was over I went to pop some more popcorn then I heard a creaking noise. I turned around and saw our cat on the door. I opened the door and looked outside. "hello." I whispered. No one answered so I closed the door and as I turned around I saw a strange, terrifying creature in front of my face. I screamed as loud as I could, but it was too late...

          My mom and dad came home, they walked in and saw our cat playing in my blood, I was terrified, but me being a ghost can help my family. So I stood up from the dark and looked directly in my mom's and dad's eyes, they couldn't see me, but I can still scare them. That night everyone was sad, everyone said things, but the cops said I was murdered. I can see the terror in my family's face, but they tried to hide it. The only way I could contact them, was by giving them clues.

          The night went by fast, they cleaned the cat up, and he looked better than ever. After everyone left, I took the cat and wrapped him in a blanket which made him meow really loud. everyone ran downstairs and saw him suffocating. I couldn't help him, then everyone would scream, so I let them deal with it for now. Then when everything was solved I knocked over the vase making a loud noise and then I broke everything in the room. It was all lining up in order. "congratulations!" I say. Everyone stares at me. "what?" Kelly says scared. I didn't mean to scare them to death! "nothing!" I say in a hurry. "what's that noise?" Melanie asks. "nothing!' They look even more scared, but everybody is still bonding. "That's not a noise!" John says. My mom was going to say something, but then stopped, because everyone started to whisper and get scared. I stopped talking so they can process what's going on. "What's going on?" James ask. "Nothing" Mom says. "Everyone go to bed!" Everyone starts to complain but my mom yells at them, and threatens to ground them to make them scared, so they all walk upstairs into their rooms. My dad leaves to go upstairs.

                                                                        End of chapter 1
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