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A poem about gender.
Everybody has just one, not more and never less
That is what most people say but I do have to confess
That I don’t think that they are right, it doesn’t sound quite true
Some people may agree with me, who knows, maybe you, too?

Some people say that one alone just isn’t enough
While for others on the spectrum, it’s already too much
Other people have just one but it’s not what you’d expect
And others slide and shift along. They, too, deserve respect

Some are just partly what they seem and some just aren’t sure
They still try to figure out who they are and what’s secure
To say about their own persona, their identity
But that surely does not mean they’re a nonentity

People think in binary, but I must ask you: Why?
My dearest people, I implore, just look up at the sky!
A rainbow has so many colors, not just red and blue
So why, I must ask, shouldn’t gender behave in that way, too?

So many people, so unique, discovering who they are
But if you try to shut them down, they won’t get very far
“You’re a girl and you’re a boy! You’re not both or neither!“
That’s a little narrow-minded, come on, take a breather.

If you read this and you feel like you don’t belong
Please, dear, take my word for it, you are very strong
What you feel like, what you think, some might not condone
But who knows yourself the best, that’s you and you alone
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