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A princess is saved by the most unlikely character
Once Upon a time there was as shallow selfish prince who was searching his kingdom for his princess. He had a file on every girl in the kingdom. He sat by his pool and sorted the girl’s files into two groups: Hot and hideous. The piles grew and grew and grew until the final file was sorted. He took the pile of the hideous girl’s files and threw them into the garbage can.

Then he took the pile of hot girls and looked at every girl in the pile. He spent over a week looking through each girl. He finally chose a beautiful girl named Bethany. Bethany had wavy golden hair and the perfect beach body. Bethany was retrieved from her home by the palace guard and whisked away to the palace. She was so excited.

Prince Raymond was the dreamiest guy she had ever seen. She was introduced to him in the throne room and they spent the day together. By the time she was taken to her new suite she had decided that she hated him. They had talked for hours but they only talked about him and his interests. She was getting ready for bed when she realized that she had to marry him. You can’t turn down a marriage request from the prince! It was illegal!

She remained in the palace for a few more days as the wedding plans were being made. She avoided the prince as much as possible.

On the day of the wedding Bethany was waiting in her wedding dress outside the church doors when she heard a roar in the distance. She saw one of the most feared dragons in all the kingdom come flying over the south wall. The villagers ran for cover as he circled above the church. Bethany stared up in amazement as he swooped down and grabbed her in his talons. As they flew away she saw Prince Raymond talking to another girl behind the dumpsters in the back of the church. She was so happy that she had been taken by this dragon even if it did eat her. Anything was better than marrying that monster.
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