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Dani deals with her own gender confusion and helps Alex explore her bi-sexual preferences.
Dani Costa stared at her reflection in the small mirror magnetized to the inside of her locker. A pair of cafmocha eyes stared back at her from a plain olive toned face. She used a small comb to brush down her inky bangs, which just brushed the top of her full, dark eye brows. She ran the comb through the short hair, which hung down the back of her neck, and brushed the collar of her t-shirt. Nice hair was one of the few female vanities she allowed herself. She chopped off her long silky black hair after her mother ranted at her about being more of a lady for the thousandth time since her menses. Dani was a Tom Boy, and she liked being one. Her mother tolerated it during elementary school and middle school thinking it was just a phase. Her father decided to make the best of the situation and treated Dani like the son he never had.

Everything ran smoothly until Dani brought home her first serious girlfriend. Her mother nearly broke every dish in the house, and her father simply shook his head, and went back to the sporting event on TV. At sixteen Dani took the steps necessary to become an emancipated minor, and moved out of her parents' house. Dani sighed regretfully as she gathered her books for her first class of her senior year of high school. She turned to head to class, and nearly plowed into something at chest level. She looked down to see a startled little blonde staring up at her with wide blue eyes.

"I'm so sorry," the little woman squeaked. She clutched her books to her very ample bosom with one hand and ran the other through a thick mop of golden lox.

"Oh no," Dani smiled down at her. "It was my fault I wasn't paying attention. Are you alright, Goldie Lox?"

"Oh yes," the smaller woman giggled at the nickname.

She zipped around Dani like a faery on a mission, and scurried to the locker beside hers. Dani glanced at the class room she should be heading to and then decided she could spare some time to get to know her neighbor. She moved back to her locker and leaned against it holding her books so they covered her lower torso. Goldie Lox seemed to be very focused on the combination lock on her locker, and the piece of paper that indicated the combination. Dani watched as her small fingers; tipped with pink round manicured nails, rotated the small nob of the lock. She let her eyes trail down the small pale slender arm to a pair of small round shoulders covered by a white sweater. Below the sweater a thin waist was hugged gently by a white cloth belt cinched above a pleated pink skirt, which hung just below Blondie's knees. A pair of smooth pale calves moved under the soft pleats of the skirt as the smaller woman shifted impatiently on her small feet. Her feet were covered in a pair of strappy leather sandals. Those will be sore by the end of the day, Dani thought. She imagined rubbing Blondie's feet and listening to her purr in relief and pleasure. The thought made her inner muscles clench.

"Having trouble with your locker?' Dani inquired when Blondie cursed under her breath.

"Yeah," Blondie sighed. "It's the same every year, and yet I still can't seem to get it."

"First day jitters," Dani explained. "I had them my freshman and sophomore year."

Blondie looked up at her the same way every person who met her for the first time did. Dani knew what she saw; a tall handsome Italian boy wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt. She did not go out of her way to correct people's assumptions. She wanted them to draw their own conclusions as they got to know her.

"May I try?" Dani inquired holding out her free hand. Blondie handed her the paper containing her assigned combination, and stepped aside. I should really find out her name, Dani thought. She looked down at the paper, and saw Blondie wrote her combination on her class schedule, which also contained her name; Alexandria Hunter. Dani opened Alexandria Hunter's locker for her, and stepped aside so she could grab her books. The bell rang as she closed her locker.

"Oh no!" Alexandria moaned. "I made you late! I'm so sorry!"

"It's fine," Dani smiled and put an arm around Alexandria's shoulders. "Where's your class."

"Over there," Alexandria pointed to the door of the classroom where Dani's class was.

"Hmm convenient," Dani tightened her arm around the smaller woman and guided her to the classroom.

"You two are lucky," the older man inside the door stated. "I was just about to close the door."

"Sorry," Alexandria mumbled. "I was having trouble with my locker and he was helping me."

"Admirable," the older man stated. "Figure out your locker on your own time."

"Yes sir," Alexandria lowered her eyes, and made her way to an empty desk.

Dani stared at the teacher for a moment wondering why he was being so harsh. Most teachers understood on the first day of school. Some even remained understanding for the first full week. The teacher fixed Dani with cold blue eyes.

"Something you'd like to say Sir Galahad?" The older man challenged.

"No sir," Dani answered. She held her head high as she made her way back to the seat behind Alexandria.

"I'm your British Literature teacher, Mr. Smyth not to be confused with Smith," the older man stated after he closed the door. He moved to the table in the front of the room and picked up a sheet of paper. "I'm going to take role for the first week. When I call your name say 'here'. If there is a name you prefer other than your given name let me know, and since you're seniors I hope I don't have to tell you to keep it clean."
Mr. Smyth went down the list of names until he came to Dani. "Daniella Costa."

"Here," Dani answered, "but I prefer Dani."

Mr. Smyth did a double and even a triple take between Dani and the name on his list. This was nothing new for Dani. All of her teachers were confused at how someone who looked very masculine could have such a feminine name. It upset her at first, but then she decided to have fun with it. She offered Mr. Smyth the same sympathetic smile she gave everyone who learned her full name. Mr. Smyth decided to move on after marking down Dani's name preference. "Alexandria Hunter." Mr. Smyth looked up pensively to see who would answer.

"Here," Alexandria answered in a small voice. "I prefer Alex."

British Literature was the only class Dani and Alex attended together. Dani found it difficult to focus on her other classes. Whenever the teacher would lecture she found herself thinking of Alex. She wondered if Alex liked men or women. If Alex did like women would she consider Dani a viable option regardless of her masculine persona? She spent the first few weeks of the quarter giving Alex rides home on her motor cycle. The feeling of her little body vibrating against her back made Dani ache in all of the right places; especially when her little arms wrapped around her waist and those large soft breasts pressed against her back.

It was the week before Home Coming when Dani decided to make her move. She waited for Alex to come to her locker as usual.

"Hey, Dani!" Alex called as she strode toward her in a hot pink sweater and a pair of hip hugger jeans. Alex masterfully opened her own locker and shoved her books inside. She pulled out her British Literature book and stuck it in her tote bag. "We're rehearsing our piece from Romeo and Juliet still right?"

"Yes," Dani answered. "Would it be ok if we rehearsed at my place this time?"

"Oh sure," Alex smiled. "I'll just have to call my folks and let them know where I am, and I have to be home by ten."

"Right," Dani smiled. She couldn't remember what it was like to have a curfew.

Dani's apartment was located on the outskirts of Little Italy. It was a one bedroom on the top floor. Her father came over on Sundays to watch various sporting events, but other than that she did not have much contact with her parents. She hung Alex's coat in the closet by the front door, and offered her the portable phone to call her folks. While she did that Dani poured them both some soda, and offered Alex a glass. They settled in on the couch to go over their scene. When they reached the kiss Dani leaned in and brushed her lips over Alex's. Alex let out a soft gasp of surprise. Dani slid her arms around Alex's waist before she could move away.

"Dani, this isn't in the scene," Alex protested.

"I know." Dani leaned in for another kiss. She was a bit disappointed when Alex turned her head, and her lips pressed against a soft cheek. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No," Alex answered uncertainly. "I just don't know you very well."

"What do you want to know?"

"Well, where are your parents?"

"I live alone."


"My parents and I don't see eye to eye on some of my choices."


Dani unwound her arms from Alex's waist. She sat back and set the text book on the coffee table. Alex stared at her confused. Dani took a breath, and leaned forward. She took one of Alex's hands in both of hers.

"First, please understand that I never meant to deceive you," she took another breath before continuing. "I'm a woman, and I like women."

Alex stared at Dani while she processed what she just learned. Dani held her breath waiting for a response. She truly hoped Alex would not leave, and never want to see her again. She was surprised when Alex closed the distance between them, and pressed warm soft lips to hers. Dani slid her arms around Alex and pulled her into her lap. Her hands slid up Alex's back and into those soft blonde curls. She gave the curls a gentle tug, tilted Alex's head back, and deepened the kiss. Soft moans of pleasure intermingled with slow thrusting tongues. Alex came up for air, and Dani trailed kisses along her jaw to her ear. She chuckled when Alex flinched away from her probing tongue.

"Alex, have you ever done this before?"

"Not with a girl."

"You've done this with a guy?"

"Yes," Alex paused. "I've gone all of the way with a guy."

"Did you enjoy it?" Dani inquired. She slid her hands down the front of Alex's chest, and cupped her soft breasts. She massaged through three layers of clothing, and managed to make Alex coo and gasp with pleasure.

"Not really," Alex admitted. "I went with him to his Senior Prom and afterward..."
Dani put a finger to her soft light pink lips. She pressed her mouth to Alex's, and probed lightly with the tip of her tongue. Alex yielded allowing the soft probing tip to penetrate her soft mouth. As Dani kissed Alex she lay her back on the couch, and spread her thighs with her hips. She rubbed her heated crotch of her blue jeans against the Alex's jeans. Alex groaned as Dani ground against her.

"Dani, I'm gonna..." Alex's cheek flushed. Her mouth fell open and she let out a loud cry as a wave of pleasure flowed out of her and pooled in her panties. She lay quiet as she caught her breath. Dani rested her head on her soft sweater over her large breasts. She lazily licked the smooth pale cleavage exposed by the V neck of Alex's sweater. Alex ran her fingers through Dani's soft hair, massaging her scalp with her long finger nails. "Dani, that was so nice."
"Stay with me tonight," Dani whispered, "and I'll show you the other ways I can pleasure you."

"I can't," Alex shifted to get up. "It's a school night."

"Tomorrow night then?" Dani pushed herself up on her forearms to look into Alex's beautiful sex darkened blue eyes. "It's Friday. We could even make a weekend of it if you'd like. I can introduce you to some of my friends."

"What should I tell my parents?" Alex asked.

"Tell them you're spending the weekend with a girlfriend," Dani advised. "It's the closest thing to the truth."

Dani drove Alex back to her place on Friday after school. Alex introduced Dani to her parents as a friend from school. She explained to them she would be spending the weekend with Dani, and meeting of her friends. Her parents' eyebrows rose when she addressed Dani using a feminine pronoun.

"You're a girl, Dani?" Her mother inquired. She examined Dani from head to toe twice with her eyes.

"Yes ma'am," Dani answered. Her anxiety rose when Alex's mother's mouth thinned into a grim line. "Is something wrong?"

"Well, it's just that you look so..." Mrs. Hunter began. She pasted a fake smile on her face. "It's what's on the inside that counts. We're so happy that Alex has found a friend. She's always getting separated from her friends when she moves on to the next grade."

Mr. Hunter did not say a word. He let out an almost audible sigh of relief when his daughter referred to her friend as a she. Both of her parents wished them to have a good weekend, and told them to be safe. Alex let out a whoosh of air when the front door closed behind them.
"Well, that could have gone worse," she smiled up at Dani as they walked to her motorcycle.

"I don't think your mother believes I'm a girl," Dani laughed. She secured Alex's overnight bag to the back of the motorcycle, and threw one leg over the bike to steady it for her. Once Alex was on, and her arms were wrapped tightly around Dani's waist she started the bike, and headed for home.

Alex sat at Dani's kitchen table, and told her about her day while Dani made them a small dinner. She set a plate in front of Alex, which contained a chicken breast marinated in red wine vinaigrette, mashed potatoes, and green beans also sautd in red wine vinaigrette. She poured them each a glass of chardonnay, and set one in front of Alex.

"Something wrong?" Dani asked when Alex gave her a quizzical look.

"Is this non-alcoholic wine?" Alex asked.

"No," Dani answered. She raised the glass to her lips and took a sip. "Is that a problem?"

"We're under age," Alex reminded her.

"So?" Dani set the glass down and leaned forward. "Are you always so good?"

"I..." Alex began. She realized in that moment that she did always do what was considered right. She lifted the glass of wine Dani set before her to her lips, sipped and gasped as the pale liquid burned its way down her throat. Her second sip warmed her face, and her third warmed her body. She smiled, and ate.

"That was amazing," Alex swooned as they cleaned up the dishes. She was on her second glass of wine. Her cheeks flushed red, and her eyes shone.

When they finished cleaning up Dani led Alex to her bedroom. She cupped Alex's soft face in smooth hands and kissed her plump pink lips. Her warm tongue probed its way into a soft wet mouth. She cupped large firm breasts and massaged tender nipples, which stiffened to hard points under a lacy bra and cotton blouse. Alex unbuttoned her blouse as she felt her calves bump the edge of the bed. Her knees gave way as Dani trailed kisses along her jaw and sucked on the pulsing vein beneath her chin. She slid the blouse off as Dani eased her down to the soft comforter. Dani's nimble fingers made quick work of the clasp on Alex's bra. Her large breasts fell from the lace cups into Dani's waiting hands. She squeezed the soft mounds of flesh and caressed the stiffened nipples with the pads of her thumbs. Alex arched her back pushing her breasts into Dani's groping hands. She gasped as Dani sucked one of those sensitive nipples into her mouth and flicked the sensitive tip with the tip of her tongue. She continued licking and sucking the sensitive flesh as Alex lifted her hips and ground an orgasm on her thigh.
"Are you enjoying this?" Dani asked as she pulled off her t-shirt to reveal a well-toned flat chest and stomach. She leaned down and teased Alex by rubbing her own erect nipples against Alex's.

"Yes," Alex breathed. She squirmed under Dani's hard body until her mouth was lined up with her tormenting nipples. Dani let out soft gasps of pleasure as Alex flicked her nipples with the tip of her tongue. The soft gasps became groans as she sucked the hardened nubs into her warm mouth and circled each with the tip of her tongue.

"Oh yes, Alex," Dani moaned. "Just like that."

Alex continued to torment Dani's nipples until she ground out an orgasm. Dani licked her way down Alex's smooth stomach to the waistband of her skirt. She slid her hands up Alex's smooth thighs, spreading them to tease her soft folds through her panties. She smiled when she felt the wetness of Alex's arousal soak through the thin lacy material. She lifted the skirt and licked the outside of the panties. Alex gasped soft protests as she rubbed her wet crotch against Dani's mouth. Dani sat up and looked down into her darkened blue eyes.

"You're sending mixed signals," Dani warned. "You're saying no while rubbing those hot wet panties in my face."

"Sorry," Alex looked away and closed her eyes. A self-conscious impulse made her cross her arms over her bare breasts. "I've never been this intimate with anyone."

"Do you want me to stop?" Dani asked.

"No," Alex breathed, "but can we turn the lights off?"

"You don't want me to see you come?" Dani asked.

"I..." Alex began. "I'm not sure I should be enjoying this."

"Because I'm a woman?" Dani pressed.

Alex's silence was all the answer Dani needed. She lay over Alex and rubbed her denim covered crotch against the soft wet yielding flesh beneath her. Alex squirmed and gasped.

"Dani, I...." Alex ground up into her crotch yielding another orgasm. "I like you."

"I like you too," Dani smiled down at her. "I want to watch you enjoy the pleasure I'm giving you."

Alex stared up into Dani's dark eyes. She wanted to enjoy the things she did, but there was a small voice in her head telling her she shouldn't. After all, Dani may look like a man but she was a woman. Alex knew her parents would never approve of such a relationship. She knew she should end whatever was blossoming between them for both their sakes, but she just couldn't bring herself to let Dani go.

"Alex?" Dani's voice pulled her out of her thoughts. When her eyes opened they glistened with tears. Dani's smile turned into a frown. "Honey, what's wrong. Did I do something wrong?"

"No," Alex whispered. She felt one of the tears escape and leave a warm stream down her cheek. Dani leaned forward and caught the droplet of salty liquid on her tongue.

"If you want me to stop I will," Dani assure her. "The last thing I want is for this to be unpleasant for you."

"Please don't," Alex pleaded. "Just give me a moment.

Dani lay beside Alex toying with her golden curls. Her eyes roved over Alex's bare creamy torso, and she longed to run her hands over the soft skin. She would not touch Alex again until she was given permission. Alex reached up, and laid her hand over Dani's. She placed it on the hem of her skirt. Dani rubbed her through her skirt and panties.

"Undress me," Alex gasped.

"Are you sure?"


Dani resumed her position over Alex, and removed her skirt and panties. She stared down at Alex's soaked pubic hair. Alex flushed, squeezing her eyes and thighs shut. Dani ran two fingers through the soft triangle of moist curls. Alex slowly parted her thighs, and Dani slipped her probing fingers between her soft outer folds in search of her clitoris. She knew she found it when Alex let out a soft cry of pleasure. Dani pressed her finger tips lightly to the swollen bulb of nerves and moved them in small circles. Alex moved her hips to the rhythm of Dani's fingers and gasped shuttered. Dani slid her fingers down to Alex's opening, and probed the edge until the tips slid inside. She worked her fingers in and out sliding in a little more each time until she was up to her third knuckle. She massaged the clit with her thumb while her fingers continued to slide in and out. Alex gripped Dani as yet another orgasm shook her soft body. When she went still Dani removed her fingers, and licked the juice from them. Alex watched as Dani's tongue moved slowly over the two digits covered in her release. Dani made soft sounds of delight as she slid her own fingers into her mouth.

"It tastes good?" Alex inquired.

"Delectable," Dani sighed. "Would you like a taste?"

Before she could answer Dani offered her mouth. Alex groaned with appreciation when she tasted her juices on the other woman's mouth. She sucked on Dani's tongue until the taste seemed to disappear.

"More?" Dani asked when Alex finally released her mouth. When Alex nodded she licked her way back down to her new favorite delicacy. She'd gone down on other women, but none were as sweet as Alex. She began by lapping at the warm liquid running down the smooth flesh between Alex's vagina and anus. She rimmed the smaller crevasse between those soft smooth cheeks once before moving back up to the soft folds of sensitive wetness. She wanted to toy with her anus a bit more but the distressed cry from Alex made her reconsider. Perhaps another time, Dani thought as she sank her tongue into the soft moisture of Alex. She moved it in the same manner as her fingers, cupping Alex's ass and lifting it to lick deeper inside. Dani moaned with pleasure, sending frissons of pleasure through Alex. She sucked deep on the opening drawing out as much sweet female nectar as possible until her mouth was full. She swallowed each mouthful only to draw in more. Alex screamed with pleasure and bucked against Dani's mouth. Dani continued until the small woman went limp. She set Alex down on the bed and lay beside her watching her breasts rise and fall as she caught her breath. Alex's eye lids fluttered open to reveal sex hazed eyes. Dani caressed her soft cheek to elicit a smile.

"Did you enjoy?"

"Yes, I've never been kissed down there before."

Dani smiled and pressed her mouth to Alex's. She opened her mouth to welcome the soft probing muscle, and moaned in appreciation at the taste of her ecstasy. She squirmed as Dani palmed her soft breast.

"Hold on," Alex gasped.

"What?" Dani kneaded the soft tender mound.

"You've given me so many orgasms," Alex reached up and gripped her wrist. "I want to return the favor."

"Oh," Dani reluctantly released her breast and lay on her back. "I don't have much in the way of breasts."

Alex sat up and ran her hand over Dani's smooth chest. Though Dani's breasts were non-existent she still moaned softly as Alex caressed her firm pecs. She let out audible sounds of pleasure as her small fingers caressed and tweaked her nipples to tight hard points. Alex leaned down and flicked the tight buds with her tongue. Dani thrust her fingers into Alex's golden mane of curls as she sucked one of the tender tips into her mouth. She moaned affirmations of encouragement as Alex licked her way down to the waist band of her jeans. Alex paused for a moment to run her tongue over the tight muscle of Dani's tight flat stomach. Alex sat up and looked down at Dani as she unbuttoned and unzipped her blue jeans. Dani lifted her hips so Alex could slide the loose fitting men's jeans down her well-toned thighs. Alex took Dani's socks with the blue jeans and kissed her way back to the cotton boxer briefs. She curled her fingers under the waist band and pulled down. She was surprised to see smooth skin on Dani's lower abdomen, and a thin layer of growth between her thighs. She looked up Dani incredulously.

"I shave that," Dani explained.

Alex leaned down and ran her tongue over the fresh growth. Dani giggled at how delicate she was being. She spread her legs wide to give Alex full access. Alex stared at the pink folds covered in a sheen of arousal. Alex inhaled the scent of Dani's arousal. She licked her lips nervously, and looked up when a hand rested on her head.

"You don't have to lick there right away," Dani assured her.

"But I want to please you," Alex protested. She reached out, and stroked her fingers over the rough texture of stubble just above Dani's vulva. She traced the outer layer of smooth folds.

"Oh, Alex,' Dani gasped.

Alex worked her way into the inner folds until she found Dani's clit. She stroked it with her thumb, eliciting moans of pleasure. Alex slipped one slender finger into Dani's clenching folds. She added to more to make the fit snugger. Dani gasped and arched her back, pushing against Alex's hand. Her inner walls tightened around the thrusting wiggling fingers. A warm coating of liquid ran down Alex's fingers and hand. Alex pulled her fingers out of Dani and examined them. Dani watched anxiously as she tentatively licked one. Alex did not notice any particular taste. She licked and sucked her fingers until all she could taste was Dani. She lay over her and kissed her to share the taste. While they kissed Dani positioned Alex so their soft wet folds rubbed against each other. She gripped Alex's tight little ass and massaged their most sensitive flesh together. The friction stoked heat inside and outside of their bodies. Alex fell into the rhythm Dani set and took the lead. Both women moaned and cried out in ecstasy as their bodies quaked through multiple orgasms. They came to the point of exhaustion and remained entwined with each other in the afterglow.

"Will you go to a party with me tomorrow?" Dani whispered. "It's being hosted at a house outside the city."

"Sure," Alex yawned. "Do we need to bring anything?"

"Just an open mind," Dani whispered. "There will be some things going on that you're probably not used to, but you don't have to participate in any of it if it makes you uncomfortable."

"What kind of party is it?" Alex asked.

"In some areas of the house it becomes an orgy," Dani admitted.

"Will you participate in the orgy?" Alex asked. She wasn't sure she could handle that.

"Only if it's all women," Dani answered. "Would you try it if I was right there with you?"

"Maybe," Alex admitted. "Are these people we go to school with?"

"No," Dani answered. "The only ones who would know about this would be you and I."

"I think I'd be more likely to try it then," Alex smiled up at her, "as long as you're there with me."

"Don't worry, honey," Dani assured her. "My friends like to push the envelope, but they will respect your boundaries if you truly don't want to do something."

The next evening Dani drove them out to a house in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. Inside the large two story house they were greeted by a woman in a tight little black dress. She pulled Dani into her arms, and gave her a passionate kiss 'hello'. Dani gripped her hips, and eased her back. She wrapped an arm around Alex's shoulders and pulled her close.

"Terry, this is the young woman I was telling you about."

"Right," Terry smiled, and flipped her long blond hair off her shoulder. "Alice?"


"Oh, sorry," Terry smiled insincerely. "Dani has brought so many girls here it's hard to keep track."

"Now, Terry, you know that's a lie," Dani accused. "I've only been with one other woman since you."

"Of course you have, sweetie." Terry simpered running her hand up and down Dani's bare arm. "Well, I'm going to mingle. Enjoy yourselves."

Terry clicked away on her three inch stilettos. Alex looked up at Dani considering what she just heard. Dani led Alex into the kitchen, and got them both glasses of wine. She led Alex into the living room and introduced her to other women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. A small voluptuous black woman took a shine to Alex, and engaged her in conversation.

"Hi there, I'm Charity."

"Alex," she shook Charity's hand.

"Is this your first time here?" Charity asked.

"Yes," Alex answered. "I'm a little nervous."

"Oh don't worry, honey," Charity smiled fondly at Dani who stepped back to let the two women get acquainted. "Dani will make sure nothing happens to you if you don't want it to. She's sort of the bouncer."

"I see," Alex watched Dani survey the room. "How long have you known Dani?"

"It will be two years in June," Charity answered. "We met during the summer between her sophomore and junior year of high school. She was with Terry at the time. After Terry graduated high school and went off to college Dani and I started seeing each other."

"So, you were in high school too?" Alex asked.

"Yes," Charity answered. "I guess after I graduated Dani put herself back on the market."

Alex took a gulp of her wine. She wondered if Dani would put herself back on the market again after they graduated. She felt a pang of jealously at the thought of Dani bringing another woman to her bed, and then bringing her to an orgy. As if she were reading her thoughts Charity rested a hand on her shoulder.

"Just enjoy your time with her."

"I'll do that," Alex finished her glass of wine and excused herself to get a refill. She stalled for time by giving each bottle a thorough examination before deciding on the Zinfandel she started with. As she poured she considered the impact of Charity's words. Dani was apparently a player, and did not seem interested in a commitment. Alex wondered why that bothered her. She didn't think she could have a serious relationship with a woman anyway. Then what the hell am I doing with her? She went rigid when a pair of arms snaked around her waist and a hard erection pressed into her back.

"Hey there, sweetheart?" A husky male voice growled in her ear. "You gonna share that wine or what?"

"Sorry," Alex laughed nervously. She set the wine bottle down, picked up her glass, and waited for tall, hard, and obviously drunk to release her. When he didn't she set the glass back down, and turned in his arms. She stared up into the leering brown eyes of a six foot man with a buzz cut. She let out a soft protest when he backed her against the counter and rubbed his hard-on against her, hiking the hem of her dress.

"What's wrong, sweetie," he slurred, "isn't this what you're here for?"

"I'm here with someone," Alex warned as she dodged his attempts to kiss her.
"So am I," he pinned her to the counter with his hips and caught her face between his hands, "but she's a bit preoccupied right now. So, I figured I'd find myself a little distraction and here you are."

"Find a different distraction!"

They both looked and saw Dani approaching. Her eyes blazed and nostrils flared. The man released Alex and backed away from her with his hands raised in front of him. Dani inserted herself in the space between him and Alex.

"I've warned you before about being rough, Steve," Dani glared up at him. "She's new here, and she's with me."

"Whoa easy," Steve backed up a few more steps. He underestimated Dani once before and got his ass handed to him. He was not looking for a repeat performance. "She told me she was here with someone I figured she was making that up."

"Well, now you know she isn't," Dani moved to Alex's side, and wrapped her arm around her. "Even if she'd been here alone you know the rules."

"Right," Steve turned on his heel and went in search of a different distraction. He muttered something about Dani knowing better than to leave a new piece of ass alone for too long.

"Sorry about that," Dani turned to Alex. "Why were you in here by yourself for so long?"

"I was deciding whether or not I wanted to try a different wine," Alex picked up her wine glass and sipped some wine to cool her nerves.

"Are you alright?" Dani asked. "Did he hurt you?"

"No," Alex answered. "What was that he was muttering as he left?"

"Reminding me that I should not have left your side if you were so new here," Dani sighed. "And he's right. I just thought you could get to know Charity better without me eves dropping."

"Actually we talked about you," Alex stated. She figured there was no better time than the present to find out the ground rules of their relationship. "She said you and Terry were together, and then after Terry graduated you and her..."

"Yes," Dani confirmed. "Terry was my first woman. She and Charity shared me at these parties, and then after Terry graduated it was just me and Charity."

"So, now it's just you and me?" Alex inquired. "Or are you and Charity planning on sharing me until we graduate?"

Dani's gut churned at the idea of sharing Alex with anyone. She would allow Alex to experience anything she wanted, but she wanted to be present to enjoy the experiences too. She pulled Alex against her, and pressed a soft kiss to her lips.

"I won't share you with anyone you don't want me to," she promised.

"What about after graduation?" Alex asked. "I'm going to NYU."
"So am I," Dani assured her. "Maybe after we spend our freshman year on campus we can get a place together?"

"You already have a place," Alex reminded her.

"Yes, but only until I move into my dorm on campus," Dani explained. "Then I have to find a new place. Want to be my roommate?"

"Sure, but I already told the housing department I didn't have a preference," Alex frowned.

"Don't worry," Dani kissed the corners of her mouth until she smiled. "You can still change your mind, just send them an email soon."

Alex wrapped her arms around Dani's neck. Their tongues entwined and Dani backed her up to the counter, and lifted her so she sat on the edge. She sipped from Alex's wine glass, and set it out of the way so they wouldn't knock it over. Her hands slid up under the hem of the little cotton dress, and caressed Alex's moist sex with her thumbs.

"Hmmm, why do I get the feeling you were a bit turned on by Steve's behavior?"

Alex blushed and looked away. It was true the feeling of Steve's hard erection made her hot, but his technique was too demanding. It reminded her of the night after she attended senior prom with her ex-boyfriend.

"You're bi," Dani guessed. "You like what I do, but you still like the feel of a man's cock."

"Is that a problem?" Alex asked. She hoped it wasn't. She really liked Dani, and did not want the fact that she was a woman to be a barrier for them.

"No," Dani smiled. "I can meet that need in another way. I'll show you when we go back to my place."

"Could we go now?" Alex inquired.

"Mmm anxious are you?" Dani teased. Her thumbs pressed a bit harder on the quivering folds beneath the thin layer of cotton panties. Alex leaned back on her arms and moaned as Dani coaxed an orgasm out of her. "Will that tide you over while I take you on a tour of Terry's home?"

"I suppose," Alex smiled as Dani helped her off of the counter. She picked up her wine glass, and took Dani's proffered arm. Dani led her through various rooms where other groups of people were mingling and engaging in heavy petting. Some were even half way out of their clothing. Alex noticed Steve sitting on a couch with his face buried in one woman's breasts while another knelt between his thighs and licked him from route to tip. Alex wondered if either of them were the woman he came there with. "Is Terry bi?"

"No," Dani answered. "She is a lesbian, but she loves to watch other people have sex. She prefers live shows to pornography."

Alex wasn't sure how to respond to that. She could not deny seeing people engaged in various forms of foreplay turned her on. The moisture pooling in her panties would be a dead giveaway. She could not imagine performing sex acts for an audience; not even for Dani. They stopped in front of a hall lined with closed doors. The sounds of sonorous music and moaning came through the doors.

"This is what Terry calls the erogenous zone," Dani explained. "Behind each of these locked doors at least two people are engaging in carnal acts."

"Acts more carnal than the acts in the rooms we've already been in? Alex inquired.

"In those other rooms people are required to keep at least one article of clothing on," Dani explained. "In these rooms anything goes."

"Have you been in one of these rooms?" Alex asked.

"The one at the end of the hall," Dani answered. "That's Terry's room. The door's closed so she's probably in there enjoying a good show."

"She doesn't participate?"

"Not unless there's a woman in there she really wants to play with."

"And she really wanted to play with you."

"Yes, she was unsure until someone got my pants off and she saw my vagina, but after that she couldn't keep her mouth off me; at least not until she went away to college."

         "Wait she was a senior then right?"


"So, when did she throw these parties?"

"When her parents were out of town, which was quite often. As soon as Terry turned eighteen they decided she was old enough to take care of herself. They left her the house, and took off to God knows where."

"That seems kind of irresponsible."
"It's definitely different," Dani agreed. "I don't know that I would leave my eighteen year old alone while she's still in high school. Of course I also wouldn't make her uncomfortable in her own home to the point she felt the need to emancipate herself either."

         "You want kids?" Alex asked as they made their way back to the front of the house.


Alex smiled at the thought of having children with Dani. She read about same sex couples who adopted children, and she would not mind adopting. They did not stick around to say good-bye to the hostess. When they returned to Dani's apartment she led Alex back to her room, and kissed her while easing her down onto the bed. She removed Alex's cotton dress, bra and panties. They rolled so Alex could undress her and once they were both naked Dani raised Alex's legs over her shoulders, and licked her engorged folds until she was dripping wet. She reached into her bed side drawer and pulled out a strap-on. Alex stared at it as Dani secured it around her hips, and inserted the smaller pieces into her opening and anus. She rubbed the rubber dildo between Alex's wet folds, and inserted the tip into her opening. Alex cried out as the rubber phallus penetrated her soft opening.

"Does it hurt?" Dani asked.

"No," Alex gasped.

Dani inserted it further and further until she was root deep. Alex bucked her hips in an attempt to ride the strap-on from beneath. Dani rolled them so she was on top. Alex rested her small hands on her chest, and slid up and down the rubber shaft. Her riding slid the smaller part of the strap-on in and out of Dani's opening. The textured ridges on the back of the shaft stroked over her clit. She reached up and grabbed Alex's hips and set a rhythm. After they each reached their climax Dani pulled out and put Alex on her hands and knees. She entered her again and thrust deep inside. Alex pushed back into her thrusts and groaned.

"Will you let me try something?" Dani asked.

"What do you want to try?" Alex asked, looking back at her.

Dani rimmed Alex's anus with her finger. Alex sucked in a breath and nodded. Dani teased her clit to lubricate her finger, and then slid the tip into the other woman's puckered anus. Alex groaned as Dani slid both the dildo and her finger inside her. When they were spent Dani lay over Alex and breathed in her scent.

"I love you, Alex," she breathed in her ear.

"I love you too," Alex yawned.

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