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a small incident taught a great lesson
I was sitting in the garden when i noticed a very strange incident.To be quite honest,there was nothing strange about what I saw.But sometimes when you pay more attention to minute things,and observe everything around us more vigilantly you will see that everything is extraordinary.There were many people around me,some were sitting watching their kids play,some were with their lovers enjoying the evening breeze,and the rest doing their own stuff.My mind Is so full of people, as I see them everywhere,in office,at home,on streets,everywhere I see people all around me.So I decided,that for at least for half an hour in this garden,I will try to look at everything around me except people.You see when I was a child,I always enjoyed the mystifying nature around us,but nowadays I am not giving any time to it,so I decided to revisit the child in me.Which was there always,but hidden somewhere inside.I think it was scared of the grown-up world around us.So,as I was looking for things other than people,suddenly my eyes went on one corner of the ground.I saw an army of ants,standing around a dead cockroach.I guess the cockroach was dead ,someone must have passed over it,without looking at the ground.We often don't look at the gound when we walk.The cockroach was dead,for the good of army of ants.As they were lined up for eating their meal.All the ants gathered around the dead body,and I guess they were planning to take it to a safe place,because they knew they could be walked over by humans all around.So they made a plan.They circled around the cockroach, and from a point on the circle they started a line which directly would take them to the safest place.They formed the circle because,they knew that there is a chance that somebody walking may notice them,and change their path,so that they would not be walked over.All this plan was based on a mere chance.They only had one thing,that is hope.They hoped that people will notice them because of the circle they formed,And they will divert their path and the ants will be safe.When all this planning was going on,suddenly,a man came and he was on the verge of walking over the ants,his foot was just above the circle.The army of ants started praying to god.At that point of time they could not have done anything else.They still had only one thing,that is hope.Hope that the man will change his path,hope that they can live a little longer.The man at the verge of walking over the ants,suddenly looked at the ground and when he saw the army of ants surrounding the cockroach,he jumped over them.All the ants took a sigh of relief.They continued with their plan,and finished their meal.This incident is very ordinary.It happens almost every hour.Not always the ants survive,but they try very hard.The life of an ant is very small.One minute they are alive,and the other minute they are gone,with their bodies sticking on our shoes.We usually don't notice these things,because we have much bigger problems to worry about.The ants live their five minutes of life,as we live our seventy years of life.They know that they will not live more but then also they will try everything to survive.On the other hand we humans always worry about everythying.We take our life as granted and never give any importance to it.We wake up in the morning worrying about the whole day.We are always in a hurry to do each and everything on time.In all this hurry,we never notice that the most important thing of the day is that we woke up alive.Millions of people who slept last night are dead.They never woke up.We are among those who woke up.We have atleast some more time to live.And that is a wonderful feeling.Just feeling your hear beating,surviving one more day,should be a big sigh of relief.But instead we take everything for granted.Life is short if you live it fully,and it is long when you don't live.Always keep yourself alive.Your survival instinct should always be working.You should always feel youself living.If you see yourself in the universe,you are not more than a particle of dust.Dont take your problems too seriously.If you are stiil alive than any problem is solvable.But if you are dead,no problem matters.Live like an ant,who knows that it can be dead at any moment but still choses to live its life fully.The only thing that matters is that you are alive.All other things are secondary.This little incident as I mentioned was a great learning lesson.Ever little incident around us can show us the greatness of life.We just have to pay enough attention.


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