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The Diabolical Case of the Missing Bread Tie
One day in January of 2014, my Basset Hound, Boo, gave me quite a scare.

Boo likes to eat everything she sees because she is a hound dog. When she was a tiny puppy, she ate little rocks and had to go get xrayed by the Vet. Luckily, the little rocks went through her because they were small enough. The Vet warned us not to let her run loose in the yard because she would probably eat more stuff that would require xrays and big Vet bills.

So, we built an enclosed area within our big yard, just for Boo. She has a run to go potty in and a deck to sun bathe on when it suits her. Mostly, she lives inside the house with us and is very pampered and spoiled. We walk her and give her treats that consist of green beans, carrots and fresh apple slices, on the advice of the Vet.

One January, Mr. Hooves and I were having dinner when he suddenly realized the bread tie was missing. We both searched and searched for it - it was a blue tie, according to Mr. Hooves. We couldn't find it anywhere, so he said that "Boo probably ate it."

"What's it made of?" I inquired.

"I don't know. Plastic I guess," shrugged Mr. Hooves.

I started getting very nervous because I could imagine another scenario and that was that Boo had swallowed a metal wire.

Mr. Hooves insisted that was not the case. "It's plastic!" He asserted. "She probably chewed it up and will poop out pieces of plastic. I'll find blue pieces in her poop."

I spent many sleepless nights that week worried about what it was she had swallowed. She seemed fine and eventually I let it slip to the back of my mind. Neither one of us found any pieces of blue plastic in her poop, but since she seemed to feel fine, we forgot about it, mostly.

However, it stayed in the back of my mind as a sort of nagging worry.

Six months went by and it was summer and we had company in the house and were visiting with them. Boo likes to be the center of attention and since she wasn't in that position for a few minutes, she went trotting off to who knows where.

Moments later, she came prancing in and placed a blue bread tie (all whole and not chewed) proudly on the doormat, as if she was waiting for just such a moment to confess her crime and show us her treasure.

I was relieved to see that the bread tie was made of plastic, just as Mr. Hooves said. We have no idea where Boo had it all that time. I suspect it was in one of her toy baskets.

So ends the mystery of the disappearing bread tie! *Laugh* We can relax and stand down until the next time something is missing!


*Noter*Note: This was written in 2015. In December of 2020, our Boo passed away. We had 14 1/2 wonderful years of adventures with our pup, though.

So blessed.

We missed her every single day.

And then my Mr. HOOves passed away in March of 2023.

So, now I miss them both and they are together again.


I Neeeed An Extra Helping!

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