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I wrote this story for a friend. Usually I don't do angels and demons though.
A long, long time ago. In a time that stretches beyond our memories, the world was overrun by a demonic horde.

Like a wildfire, they spread across land and sea and they left nothing but ashes behind them.

The army was led by Lucifer, a fallen Angel, who sought only to cause mayhem and chaos wherever he walked. Then five strong heroes gathered the courage, to face him in an epic battle to save the human race.

During the battle, they managed to trick Lucifer into a trap, that would soon keep him locked away.

This battle, changed the darkened path of history into something brighter, something more beautiful than what they had ever seen before.
Peace spread across the land for the first time in centuries.

As time passed, the seal around his prison was burned by his raging flames and the five soul spheres surrounding him, were weakening.

As I walked through the forest, hundreds of years after the battle, I would swear that I could still smell demonic blood wherever I went. I could hear the screams from the fallen soldiers carried by the breeze.
I had come to this place, knowing that the demon lord, Lucifer, was sleeping somewhere in these woods and that his minions were watching over him.

I was a fearless hero back then: I had saved virgins from dragons, harvested loot from goblins and fought my way through hordes of undead, but I had never faced a real demon before.

That day, disaster struck me.

See, I knew he was out there, caged by five human souls but I had never imagined, that he would be roaming the forest freely and so he came to me on a dark winter night.

He whispered to me, in my sleep.

"Don't forget why you came here." he said in the most gentle of voices, almost like a true angel.

I tried to reply, but my soul shivered with fear and my eyes wouldn't open so I could face him, I wanted to but I felt as though I was being choked.
Imagine someone wrapping a blanket around you tight, almost as if you were a corpse ready to be dumped in a lake, and then... someone whispers to you from the darkest corners of your mind. What would you have done?

I did the only thing I could do, I began to breathe again, slowly.

"Do you not remember?" he wondered with a childish curiosity.

I suddenly had no clue, why had I come to this place? My heroic deeds belonged elsewhere.

"Are you afraid?" he uttered so closely, that I could smell his sulfur breath.

I clenched my eyes and tried to wish him away but he stayed by my side, waiting for my replies.

"How many lives have you saved?"

"More than a few." I answered without hesitation, this was something I was certain of.

"How many lives have you taken?" his ever so gentle voice became somewhat shrouded in darkness by his question.

"Countless." I replied slowly, because I began to think of all my enemies who had laid by my feet.

"Then I shall leave you be." he replied before he disappeared back into the forest.
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